Guitar: learn at what age

An old school colleague recently asked me: "Hey Bernd, you know your way around the guitar: At what age can my little one learn the instrument?" Since this is a multi-layered topic, I would like to answer this question with a small article.

It can start at the age of 4

The uncomplicated answer: At the age of 4, the kids can start learning the guitar. Because then they are also physically stable enough to hold a guitar. However, there are still a few issues to consider: The teaching concept must be right, the guitar size must be right and of course the child must have fun with the music in the first place.

The right teaching concept

The great thing about teaching with children is that they learn quickly and are very inquisitive. If you support them patiently and appropriately, they will achieve quick learning success and show great motivation.

Finding a guitar teacher who teaches children from this age is not that easy. Some for example, students only take in from 6 or 8 years old. Because children at this age have very special requirements for the learning concept.

The average attention span in young age is only 15 minutes. Children can no longer concentrate on one topic. At the age of 10, one speaks of an average attention span of 20 minutes.

Special concepts, such as the Suzuki method, are therefore required. The guitar teacher needs a high degree of patience and a special teaching concept with the right learning goals and instructions to introduce the little ones to the topic in a playful manner and not to overwhelm them.

The right choice of songs also literally makes the music. Unfortunately, some guitar schools still tend to mainly teach classical music. However, only a few children have emotional access to such music – for many, classical music is something abstract. Suitable children’s songs must therefore be selected.

This way, great success can be achieved even at a young age, as this 5-year-old guitarist proves &# 128578;

How much should children practice?

Of course it is important that the children also deal with the guitar outside of class. But no pressure must be built up here, the focus must be on fun. If the child is forced to practice the guitar while the siblings or friends are allowed to romp freely, the fun logically goes away quickly.

In case of doubt, 5 to 10 minutes a week are enough at a young age for the child to briefly examine the topics from the last lesson. Otherwise, the guitar can be playfully incorporated into everyday life.

Just like reading a book with the kids, you can also sing a song together. But only if there is enthusiasm for it. Doesn’t the suggestion to make music together seem to be very popular today?, one should don’t force the subject either.

Choose the right guitar for children

The right guitar size is also important for small children. Children up to 110 cm tall should play a 1/8 size concert guitar. Incidentally, this is also the smallest, regular guitar size. If they are 110-125 cm tall, a 1/4 size guitar is the right choice.

The guitar is the right instrument for my child?

If you have dealt with this article so far, does your child seem to be interested in the guitar? Maybe now and then it has picked up a toy guitar.

One way to further test interest is to take a first trial lesson with a guitar teacher. But since it is completely normal that the interest in the guitar can fluctuate between enthusiasm and listlessness, you don’t have to throw the shotgun at the end of the first few weeks with less attention to the guitar. As I said, it is important not to build up pressure and to confront the children with the topic in a playful way.

If you have any further questions, please leave me a comment below on this article. I will try to answer your question as best as possible.


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