Gum treatment? Read treatment options here!

Gum treatment? Read treatment options here!

Gum treatment what can you do?

Seal your gums from the inside. They close the gateway for viruses, germs and bacteria.

A Gum treatment is carried out when the first signs of gingivitis or periodontitis are already present. The aim of the treatment is tooth preservation and the Decimation of the bacteria, which are responsible for the gum inflammation. For those affected, the announcement of an upcoming gum treatment is often sheer horror. The reason for this is the horror stories that others tell. Nobody claims that periodontal treatment is comfortable, but you shouldn’t let it stop you because of the scary stories if you are concerned. It is in your own interest. That being said, thanks to the latest technologies, it is nowhere near as uncomfortable as it was a few years ago.

The past few years have been gentle, gentle methods for the treatment of periodontal diseases developed and are now used very successfully. In addition, the Treatment on the gums is always carried out under local anesthesia and is therefore completely painless. Since the reason for gum infections is often to be found in poor or poor oral hygiene, it is important that you tackle the problem at this point and even prevent an illness.

Brief overview of gum treatment:

  • Gum treatment is carried out for periodontal diseases
  • The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia and is therefore painless
  • The sooner such treatment takes place, the better the chances of maintaining the teeth
  • Gum inflammation can be avoided with good and proper oral hygiene >

There are two different types of gum treatments. On the one hand the closed PA treatment, which is carried out using ultrasound and fine hand instruments, on the other hand the open curettage, in which the gums have to be opened in order to be able to work under sight. In the closed PA treatment, a special ultrasound device is used, with which soft and hard dental plaque can be gently removed. The treatment is rarely accompanied by bleeding and is usually done in one session. Surgical methods are used for open gum treatment, which is why this type of PA treatment is lengthy and accompanied by bleeding.

After the actual treatment, the loosened gums are sewn on again and – if necessary – provided with a special wound dressing. As part of the gum treatment, the depth of any gum pockets that may be present is precisely measured. These must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, to kill bacteria that can cause further inflammation.

Preservation of teeth through gum treatment

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Gingivitis affect not only the gums, but mostly the whole Periodontal ligaments. If periodontitis, along with gum pockets, is already well advanced, the mucous membrane that firmly encloses the teeth withdraws and the Tooth necks are exposed. As a result, the inflammation can penetrate deeper into the tooth holder and attack the jawbone and tooth root. The consequences are loose teeth and finally that Loss of teeth. To the To prevent tooth loss it is important that the treatment of diseased gums is timely. In the case of very advanced periodontitis, bone can sometimes build up to give the teeth a firm hold again. Jaw bones are usually built up during open gum treatment.

Healthy teeth and gums are important not only aesthetically but also with regard to physical health. Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth is usually a sure sign of gingivitis. The causes should be clarified promptly by a doctor.

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