Gum treatment? The dipura dental clinic in essen helps dipura dental clinic in essen

Gum treatment? The dipura dental clinic in essen helps dipura dental clinic in essen

Gum treatment in Essen


How important the gums are for a beautiful smile can often only be seen when the first signs of gingivitis appear: redness, bleeding and finally a decrease in gums are the result. Too little gum is often a sign of illness. The culprits are bacteria that hide in the gum pockets. Gentle medical gum treatment combined with regular professional tooth cleaning (PZR) can help. The method is also considered the best preventive measure against periodontitis, often incorrectly referred to as periodontitis. It is the most important option for periodontitis treatment.

Gum treatment from the specialists in Essen

Good for you to know: Even if gums and bones are already affected and damaged by periodontitis, the tissue can be rebuilt in exceptional cases by appropriate treatment. However, only regular checks and early diagnosis tests can the dentist effectively prevent long-term damage and extensive gum treatment. At diPura in Essen you receive effective prevention and treatment directly from the specialist. For a "harmonious coexistence" of teeth and gums, without periodontitis, gum recession, exposed tooth necks, bleeding gums and lengthy treatment. Get advice on your tooth preservation therapy now!

Your dentist in Essen advises: causes of gum disease

There are basically two types of periodontitis: apical and marginal. Apical periodontitis arises from the root tip, the marginal from the gum line. It can also happen that both forms merge. One then speaks of paro endo lesions. The causes of gum disease can be varied. Starting with poor oral hygiene, general diseases such as diabetes mellitus or irritating factors in the mouth such as protruding crowns can also be decisive. Stress, an unbalanced diet and smoking also increase the risk of periodontitis. Ultimately, genetic factors can also promote such a disease.

Harmonization: the aesthetic gum treatment

Plastic surgery for the gums? Why not? Periodontitis does not always have to be the sole reason for treatment. The dentist Dr. Svoboda masters all of the microsurgical gum treatment procedures required for this. In our clinic in Essen, for example, in the case of exposed tooth necks, so-called recessions, fine grafts are used to restore the harmony of the gum line.
Another example: When smiling, too much gum becomes visible and the teeth appear too small. One often speaks of a "gummy smile". Here the hem can be shortened as part of the gum treatment. This makes your teeth look longer and more harmonious in relation to the visible gum portion. You will be surprised at how beneficial it is for the people around you – whether you are eating, communicating or "just" smiling!

In good hands with your dentist in Essen

In our private clinic in Essen, which is licensed by the state in accordance with Section 30 GewO, we would like to offer you all of our services at the highest medical level. Gum treatment is of course no exception here. We ensure that your teeth function optimally on the one hand and look good on the other hand. Our competent and highly motivated employees as well as our dentist Dr. medic. stom. (RO) Diana Svoboda has many years of experience and regularly expand this as part of further training. Put us to the test and pay us a visit in Essen! With us you are in the best hands.

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