Gut health is an important factor

Gut health is an important factor

Health begins in the gut

More than 1,000 years ago, it was already known in various ancient cultures that the intestine is something like the center of health. Modern science and medicine has now confirmed this fact. But in today’s world, the pitfalls of everyday life, such as Stress, certain medications and even unhealthy diets disturb the intestine at work.

Gut health: Our gut is disturbed

Our health is the highest good!

Digestion is incredibly important to our body and wellbeing. By a bad digestion can not only Visual difficulties and Kontzentrationsprobleme but constant fatigue can be a sign of not healthy bowel activity. In addition, the gut 80% of our immune cells, in turn, for the Crane unit defense are responsible, produce. Also the metabolism is controlled 80% via the intestine.

But what to do when the bowels get out of balance?

For one healthy intestine Similar rules apply as for a healthy and slim lifestyle. In order to keep the intestines busy, one should move daily in the fresh air. Also, drinking water reminds you of the rules for losing weight. Because for a healthy intestine should every day at least 2 liters of water be drunk so that the Removal of the toxins works smoothly. Well and who wonders that “no more fast food”. Because fat and sugar, in large quantities, harms the intestine and thus the entire organism. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables in turn support the intestinal activity. With stress and anger you should try to find a balance. Because the intestinal mucous membranes are then more likely to inflammation. What makes for relaxation? Yoga or meditation are very good here, but also other sports and leisure activities that bring you down. Preservatives, colorants, emulsifiers, laxatives and medicaments, e.g. Cortisone should also be avoided. These substances destroy the intestinal bacteria, which are incredibly important for a healthy-functioning intestine. If ingestion is unavoidable, consideration should be given to the subsequent intake of a probiotic. The intestinal flora also support Lactobacilli, enterococci and bifidobacteria e.g. in the form of scientifically researched probiotics or enthozymes for the rehabilitation of the intestine in order to protect the intestine from daily stress.

In this context can sometimes have a colon cleansing to be reflected. This can also take place in the context of the intake of probiotics or similar products (for this, also like to seek advice in the pharmacy). An alternative to this is e.g. also the Colon Hydro Therapy, this is e.g. in Day Spa’s with a Medical Wellness offer but also in different Wellness hotels, with a medical focus, offered.

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