Gzfa – return strategy: brandtner ‘s asset strategies

Gzfa - return strategy: brandtner 's asset strategies

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Return Strategy – BRANDTNER asset strategies in Planegg near Munich

You can sleep peacefully despite possible extra windings

The last 10 years have shown us in finance that developments can happen that one did not even dream of. Who has thought it possible that high-paying bank managers take billions of dollars in risks that have almost brought the world financial system to collapse. And on a large scale also the state banks supervised by the politicians.

We are not pessimists. But these events have confirmed our view that we should not ignore the worst case scenario for asset investment, especially asset structuring.

Asset and retirement planning to ensure your quality of life.

If possible, sprinkle your fortune so that you never belong to the losers.
We therefore recommend spreading the assets in such a way that both in the best case a reasonable return is achieved, but even in the worst case of monetary devaluation / currency reform you do not lose your savings.
One should not rely on luck or on “I do not believe that” when it comes to the own substantial standard of living and that of his family.
Although we can not guarantee whether our recommendations then “one hundred percent work”. But we think it is essential to think about it and to prepare as best as possible for the best of our knowledge and belief.
Once you have done that, you can focus on the positive things again. As you said at the beginning, “sleep soundly” and do not later have to reproach yourself for neglecting or ignoring.

Why a code of honor?

Our corporate philosophy is to use your assets responsibly, to spread them, to create them in such a way that they multiply and are secured in the worst case.

We are sitting together in a boat. Your money is protected as if it were our own.

Our motto was, is and always will be, that we sit together in a boat with you.

For this reason, we select our products very carefully and only offer our customers those systems in which we have invested or would invest ourselves.

If we did not perform, you would lose and so would we.

In order to ensure that our corporate philosophy is implemented in this way, over the years we have developed principles and rules that guide our actions.

Code of honor BRANDTNER wealth strategies

We act exclusively in the interest of the customer.

We are aware of our responsibility that our recommendations have a fundamental impact on the economic lives of our customers.

We only offer our customers products that we can represent ethically and morally and in which we have invested or would invest ourselves.

We only work in accordance with the customer and always act in accordance with legal requirements.

Our goal is to answer our customers’ questions in the best possible way in an understandable way, so that an understanding of our products and services is achieved.

We commit ourselves to absolute secrecy over everything that was entrusted to us in the course of our activities or became known.

We commit ourselves to exercise care in the selection of our employees and partners, to monitor them constantly and to ensure their professional development and further education.

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