Haircut under the pot: men, women and children

The haircut of men under the pot and the haircut of women under the pot have not lost their relevance for decades. Industrial hairstyles don’t stand still. Fashionable designers of men’s and women’s hairstyles delight their customers with fashionable innovations in every season. But no matter how stylish and fashionable innovative hairstyles were, there is a special category of hairstyles that are always popular. They are comfortable and versatile, ideal for a boy, a man and even for the female population.

Little story

This popular Hairstyle has its origins in ancient times. In Russia it spread with the advent of Christianity. Before this event, which is important for our history, the hairstyles of men and women did not differ in any way. And the concept of "hairstyle" is the same since the term itself did not exist. In these distant and dense times, women wore exceptionally long hair that didn’t even have a bangs.

Men also grew long hair and beards. With the arrival of Christianity in our homeland, the cultural level of our ancestors increased significantly, aesthetic concepts of hair beauty appeared. Here the hairstyle is created under the pot. At that time, however, she was only male and child hair. Did a haircut like this with a conventional pot.

Of course, there was no hair salon at the time and the haircut under the pot was made exclusively at home. To do this, use a simple clay pot placed on the head of a man who wants to put beauty on the head and cut the hair that peeked out from under the pot precisely. Such a hairstyle could do any housewife or even the head of the family. This did not require any special skills or abilities.

With the appearance of the first "beauty salons", such a hairstyle was even a symbol of poverty, since one person could not afford a trip to the master.

In our modern time, as a men’s hairstyle, the jug has earned a well-deserved popularity not only among boys, but also in fashion circles of fair sex.

This popularity of this type of hairstyle has increased across the population due to its practicality, style, practicality and versatility.

Features male haircuts

The potter’s hairstyle has a number of advantages. Such a men’s hairstyle can be carried out by any master, both beginners and experienced.

If a man prefers this type of hair, you should always consider the individual characteristics of his hair.

Such a haircut is now carried out in a multi-level format and requires special care and styling.

It is important to know. This option is absolutely not suitable for lazy men who do not like to tinker with their hair at least a little.

After all, it is no secret that many representatives of the stronger sex are only used to washing and combing their hair. They are often lazy to dry their hair with a hair dryer. If you are of this type, then you will be extremely unhappy with this hairstyle. After all, for a neat and elegant look, it is necessary to dry the head after washing and ask the haircut for the right direction: carefully put your hair in the right direction. Without such measures, the scalp will be disheveled and the look of the man will not be very handsome.

Even if you have naturally naughty and tough hair, it is necessary to use styling products. Otherwise, the head is completely confused at the first wind gust.

Female hairstyle

Women with this hairstyle do not have to tinker less, but usually this fact does not detract from fair sex.

This type of hairstyle is ideal for owners of an oval, elongated face. If the oval face is round or angular, this hairstyle gives the face even more volume that doesn’t look very attractive.

If the shape of the face matches this picture, this hairstyle style will even help to reset the owner for several years.

A female haircut under the pot can be done in several versions: with thick or not very thick bangs; with large volume or without. The length of the haircut itself can also vary as requested by the customer.

Haircut for kids

Children’s hairstyle in this embodiment is a very good solution. As a rule, the boys cut in this way look very fashionable: they successfully emphasize the oval of the face. This version of the hairstyle looks very cute, loose and at the same time stylish and creative, especially for children.

Children’s hair is particularly soft and smooth, so that in children such haircuts do not require special care and the use of different styling products in children is completely unacceptable.

In contrast to adults, children can boast of such hairstyles, what the mother doesn’t take much trouble to take care of the children’s hair.


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