Halloween craft ideas for children – diy craft ideas for the whole family

Halloween craft ideas for childrenDIY craft ideas for the whole family

Halloween is a creepy one DIY decorationjust because a little goosebumps gives us pleasure: just scare the scary ghost on the veranda and the small Witches and monsters burst into bright children’s laughter. Children have a lot of fun making something for Halloween. Here are great ones Halloween craft ideas for children , which are guaranteed to be well received and enthusiastically recreated.

These clips are ideal for closing the bags filled with sweets for the passing children! Paint wooden clothes pegs with orange and black acrylic paint and let dry. Next, make a stencil for a grand piano. Transfer the template onto the cardboard and cut out the wing. Now bend the edge of the wing and glue it to the side of the clip.

Place the child’s open hand on black cardboard and pause with a pencil. Draw a head with ears on the wrist. Next, cut out the cat, paint a face with bright pencils and stick on dodgy eyes or stickers.

Prime the wooden spoon with pink or pink acrylic paint and let the paint dry. Stick on two loose eyes or stickers, then use a black pencil to paint on hair, eyebrows, nose and mouth. Next, paint the fangs with some white paint. Cut black fabric and tie the coat with a red bow around the vampire.

Draw a spiral on a white paper plate, then cut along the line. Paint a face with black paint on a second plate. Now glue the second plate onto the first one and hang up the ghost with a cord. The scary festival also includes delicacies! The best Recipes for Halloween snacks I present you here and in this post in front.

These pompom spiders are super quick and just cute! Glue two loose eyes to a black pompom, then cut the pipe cleaner and stick it under the spider as legs. Tip: wrap round wooden frames with white wool yarn and the spiders have matching nets.

Wrap gauze in an empty mason jar and fix the ends with adhesive film. Cut a mouth out of felt or fabric and stick it on. Two different-sized loose eyes give the mummies the right crazy expression. Put a tealight in the glass and the eerie mummies glow in the evening. Halloween mason jars tinkering is really easy. I’ll show you the best ideas here and in this post.


A great idea for throwing cans! Paint empty cans with acrylic colors as pumpkin lantern, Frankenstein, black cat, ghost and monster. For the mummy just wrap the can with gauze.


These spiders spread fear and terror! Paint the paper plate with acrylic paints, let it dry and glue on eight different sized moving eyes. Now fold in eight pipe cleaners and stick them under the plate. Punch a hole in the edge and hang up the spiders with white wool yarn. Like you out Paper plates jellyfish tinker, I’ll show you in this post with video.



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