Halloween event 2019 in Pokémon GO: New Shiny and Darkrai to arrive

The Halloween event 2019 in Pokémon GO has been announced! For the first time there will be Darkrai in Raids and Shiny Makabaja celebrates his debut!

What kind of event is this? As already teased, there will be another Halloween event in 2019. This time there will be numerous bonuses in Pokémon GO and as a highlight the new raid boss Darkrai.

When’s the event running? The bonuses last 2 weeks and run from October 17th at 10 pm, this Thursday, until November 1st at 10 pm.

All about the Halloween Event 2019

It’s the bonuses: A huge load of bonuses is waiting for you within the 2 weeks. This includes:

  • Makabaja comes into play and appears in Pokémon GO also directly as Shiny
  • Darkrai will appear in Level 5 raids to replace Giratina
  • Ghost and Unlicht Pokémon increasingly appear in the wild
  • Double sweets are for catching, incubating and sending
  • New field research comes into play
  • The special research “A creepy message” comes back and probably brings Kryppuk as a reward again
  • In raids and in the wilderness, you can catch Pokémon with special costumes.
  • New Crypto-Pokémon come into play

3 new Pokémon come into play

What new Pokémon are coming? So far, the only Pokémon known to be new are Makabaja and its evolution Echnatoll and the mysterious Pokémon Darkrai. Other Pokémon were not mentioned in the announcement.

It is interesting that Darkrai will appear in normal raids because it is a mysterious Pokémon. Such monsters have only been found in EX raids or special research so far.

In an announcement video about the event Niantic also showed Pokémon like Lichtel or Golbit. They would also fit the event:

Is Darkrai worth it in Raids? The Pokémon will be by far the best Unlicht attacker in the game. So it’s worth investing in raid passes.

What do we know about special research? In their announcement, Niantic said that a creepy message had been left. This was the name of the special research for Event 2018, which Kryppuk brought as a reward.

Niantic also says that you can meet a forbidden Pokémon. That’s what Kryppuk is also called.

These costume Pokémon are coming: Not only Pikachu can wear hats! On Halloween, the starters from the 1st generation also wear costumes. So there are:

  • Bisasam with Ninjatom Costume
  • Glumanda with Tragosso costume
  • Schiggy with Makabaja costume
  • Pikachu with Mimikyu costume

All these Pokémon can also appear in their dazzling form. You can see their costumes on our cover picture.

14 new Crypto-Pokémon to arrive

Which Crypto-Pokémon are coming? A whole bunch of new Crypto-Pokémon are coming into play. These include:

  • Hornliu, Kokuna, Bibor
  • electric
  • Magmar
  • lapras
  • voltile lamb
  • Samurzel, Blanas
  • Zobiris
  • knacklion
  • Tuska
  • Shuppet
  • twister light

What do you know about the Spawns? Here Niantic speaks only of Spirit Pokémon and Unlicht Pokémon and also names the two monsters Nebulak and Kramurx.

But there are several other Pokémon that would fit. For example Traunfugil, Zwirrlicht, Zobiris, Shuppet and Driftlon are all Shiny. They are also spirit Pokémon. So the monsters would be perfect for the Halloween event.

As Unlicht-Pokémon Alola-Rattfratz, Sniebel, Hunduster, Fiffyen and Kanivanha would offer themselves. They can also all be Shiny.

We got the wrong information here: Some players got a message that there will be raid day with Alola-Knogga. This was only a bug, as Niantic now confirmed. So there will be no raid tag.

Serebii Note: Niantic have now confirmed to us that the inclusion of the raid day in the game news was an error and there will be no Alolan Marowak Raid Day https://t.co/gDbXkHSvkT

This is available for your avatar: Matching the event you can also buy various outfits in the shop. So you can put your avatar in Halloween mood.

The event should make many players happy. There was an excitement last time:

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