Halloween: safety for children

Protect your child on Halloween

So that the evening of October 31st is not only eerily beautiful, but also safe, you and your children should follow some safety tips.

Halloween – the night of ghosts and witches. While Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year for children, it is often one of the most stressful for parents. From the preparation of sweets and treats to the costumes and the accompaniment of the children, there is a lot to organize. Our checklist ensures a safe and healthy Halloween.

1. Know the route

Moving around the houses and collecting sweets – toddlers must always be accompanied by at least one adult or responsible babysitter. When older children leave alone, parents and caregivers should know the exact path they are taking. On their way, the little ghosts and witches should stay in well-lit areas and only ring the bell at houses that are also lit. Make it clear to them that under no circumstances may they enter third-party apartments. Arrange a time with your older children when they have to be back at home and equip them she with a cell phone in case they get lost. If you are driving by yourself in the evening of October 31, pay attention to groups of feet on the streets when driving.

2. Wear safe clothing

If your children are still outside after dark, make sure they wear reflective clothing or have a flashlight with them to be seen by drivers. Also avoid costumes that drag across the floor and hinder your child from walking. In addition, use facial paint instead of masks, as the latter can affect children’s eyesight. On their raid, the little ones should also wear shoes in which they can walk well.

3. Check collected sweets

Make sure that your offspring eat a healthy dinner before the deluge of sweets to avoid overloading them with sweets. At the end of the evening, check out the sweets that your children have brought home and throw away any unwrapped or dirty items. Also sort out what could trigger an allergic reaction in your offspring. Then ration the rest for the coming weeks.

4. Be careful when carving pumpkins

When carving pumpkins, your child should not handle a knife. Instead, let it do the preparatory work and draw the face of the pumpkin with an edding. Once the pumpkin face is lit with a lit candle, place it out of the reach of children and curtains, as well as other flammable objects.

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