Halloween scavenger hunt for kids – the creepy halloween highlight

Ghosts, horrors and action-packed play stations at night – with a Halloween scavenger hunt, the creepy festival for children becomes the exciting highlight of the year!

Leaves rustle, the owl screams, lights flicker – a scavenger hunt at night on Halloween gives children goose bumps. Equipped with flashlights, they embark on an exciting one Halloween scavenger hunt, with some creepy surprises, fun and action waiting for you.

Especially with older children, you should prepare and plan some scary surprises. Because a real Halloween scavenger hunt lives from the enjoyable shudder and the joy of horror. This scavenger hunt is great fun for all kids who are adventurous and scary movies love.

In Adventure Friendship you will also find a Halloween treasure hunt for children in the house, which is also suitable for younger (or more anxious), as well as other Halloween games for children and delicious Halloween recipes.

The Halloween scavenger hunt for kids

  • Age: from age 6
  • Creepiness: low to high
  • Place: outside

Before Halloween, it is advisable to order the necessary accessories for the scavenger hunt on the Internet – this saves time and money. Because at night not only chalk marks, scattered light powder and pieces of paper show the way to the children, but also markers or glow sticks reflecting in the glow of the flashlights, which have to be collected.

Everything you need for them Halloween scavenger hunt should fit in a daypack. Think about which places are good for you play stations and whether you ask other adults or older siblings to participate. Draw arrows on the streets or paths with chalk, tie clues for the path to branches or fences and mark them she with reflective tape. In the forest, you can also use glowing glow sticks as path markings, which glow like fireflies and which the children can collect and then carry. At the beginning, every child receives a brightly lit flashlight as basic equipment for the ghost hunters.

The children, dressed as witches, monsters and ghosts, start with their flashlights and follow the arrows – ideally into a forest or park, because it is nice and dark there and the background noise and atmosphere fit perfectly. In addition, there are good opportunities on forest trails to camouflage the path markings and the difficulty of the Halloween scavenger hunt can be adapted to the age of the children.

Depending on how scared the children are, parents can scurry across the way with bed sheets, shake bushes or play creepy noises in the forest with their smartphones during the Halloween scavenger hunt in the distance. There are sharp cries and giggles inevitable. &# 128578;

3 play stations for the Halloween scavenger hunt

1. Creepy ghost run

  • twine
  • Scarves or blindfolds
  • Rubber animals and shower gel
  • Spider web
  • Inflatable jumping frogs

In a clearing, you stretch a cord between two trees. Now you ask all children to cover their eyes with scarves or blindfolds. Your job is to walk along the line to the other end.

Now 3-4 older siblings or parents step out of the dark – the children should not have seen them before! – and line up along the line. The children now start running with one hand on the cord at a distance. The ghosts suddenly grab them on the shoulder, on the leg or let slippery rubber animals crawl over their arms with shower gel. A spider web with spiders through which the children have to pass can also be stretched over the cord. There are also funny inflatable frogs and jumping spiders that jump into the children’s face by themselves. Nothing for weak nerves… &# 128521;

2. Fallacy

  • Glow sticks with special hooks and fastening tape
  • Prize for the winner e.g. a box of cute googly eyes

The task at the next station is to catch wispy lights. For this, each child is attached to the pants with a light strip or a glow stick. The task is to catch each other and collect all the wispy lights by tearing them off the pants of the others. You shouldn’t lose your own!

The child who has caught most of the wispy lights will receive a prize that they can share with others, such as candy with Halloween motifs.

3. Halloween shadow play

Spread a white bed sheet on the low branch of a tree – or let two children hold it. The children form two teams and each think of 5 terms that fit Halloween. The children present these terms as shadow play – the other group has to guess them! The children, the the most terms guesses get a winner’s price, for example blood chewing gum with a filling for snacking.

The finale of the Halloween scavenger hunt

In the end, the last task is to find the treasure. It’s not that easy in the dark. So that the children know that they are close to the goal, attach a note to the last marker with a note, e.g.. Find the treasure! Or you can think of a riddle for the hiding place that points to it.

Treasure: Fill a wooden box that looks as antique as possible with ghost utensils, e.g. rusty chains, an old lock – and everyone Lots of gold coins from chocolate and caramel. Above all, the treasure has symbolic value and hardly has to cost money!

At Adventure Friendship there are many more Halloween ideas and many ideas for activities with children, friends and with the partner.

Image source cover image: Groundlings Spooky Groombridge 104 THOR under CC BY 2.0

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