Hamburg, 10 places in hamburg that you should visit on a city trip with children

Hamburg, 10 places in Hamburg that you should visit on a city trip with children


Hamburg, city break

10 places in Hamburg that you should visit on a city break with children

City trip Hamburg: We reveal where a family visit is really worthwhile!


Travel: 10 places in Hamburg that you should visit on a city trip with children

City trip Hamburg: We reveal where a family visit is really worthwhile!

3. Tierpark Hagenbeck: Feed elephants or marvel at tropical fish – a day is far too short for the zoo and its aquarium. A highlight is the polar sea with penguins and polar bears.

6. Water features and water light concerts: The Planten un Blomen park is worth a visit alone. However, if the fountains on the Parksee dance ballet every day from May, every picnic becomes a minor matter.

9. Visit to the cathedral: Three times a year, the Heiligengeistfeld on St. Pauli becomes a huge hype. The children’s eyes light up and hardly anyone wants to leave! A lap with the ferris wheel is mandatory.

Nope that is too much red-green-versed foreign crime for me

No more rock gardens for a better climateGravel and concrete instead of flowers and grass: the number of rock gardens is growing so rapidly that the first cities are banning them in new development plans: habitats for animals and plants would be lost and the microclimate of the city would also suffer. Well finally! OK then. &# 128077; Poor Germany, ban here ban there, at the end a ban is created that you can piss in your own house. Instead of appealing to human reason.

Money Atlas: Where Germany is the richest and poorestThere is a money barrier through Germany: at least in terms of income! The inhabitants of almost all East German cities and districts have – on average, almost 30 years after reunification – far less money than most West Germans. But the truth also belongs: the people with the lowest income live in the Ruhr area! You can see how high the average income is in your region on an interactive map – only with BILDplus! *** BILDplus content ***

Hannelore Elsner is dead: five films you should have seenThe sudden death of Hannelore Elsner shakes the German film world. BILD shows five films that you should have seen. The allowance as a single person is too small, so many pensions have to be taxed. For this you can then increase the allowances for large corporations and legalize cum ex transactions, or pay a small fine.

Bad for the environment: These products should be left out the next time you shopOur shopping behavior has an impact on the environment. You don’t have to go vegan to do something about climate change. But there is already. We don’t need to do anything about climate change and my health is important to me. This is what this type of packaging is for and I will choose it. I strongly recommend that governments get more involved in waste disposal and avoid waste. ‘don’t live vegan’, you can stop reading here. A China researcher is studying about the possibilities to make DE more sustainable? Really? Friends, this article is just ‘keep it up, just kind of different’. Fail &# 128078; Less meat? With me everything comes to the grill that does not crawl down on its own.

Ten things you should see in WarsawThe new trend: city trips to Eastern Europe. With its reconstructed old town, Warsaw has long been back on the Unesco World Heritage List, invested in. Was there about 2.5 years ago. It is unbelievable how the Poles not only rebuilt this city, razed to the ground by German, but also reconstructed it according to old plans. The same applies to Gdansk and Wroclaw. But my favorite is Krakow.

Mystery sore muscles – what you should know about it and what you can forgetSore muscles usually come slowly and disappear slowly. The star clears up half-truths and explains how to relieve the pain. Interesting contribution! In which box the video was shot?

Hamburg: Greens strive for power with Katharina Fegebank – WORLDThe green with the Ferrari soft spot: Hamburg’s second mayor Katharina Fegebank would like to turn the red Hamburg into a green one. The SPD is therefore trying to slow down the coalition partner’s run. Unlike the CDU. Green is on the rise, that does not help to stank! The one you don’t like, does she eat? The Hamburg Greens with sweeping benches at the top have approved coal-fired power plants, sealed 2 nature reserves and are planning the third sealing, are cutting down old trees right across the city, are standing behind the Elbe depression and are being spoken to (Part 1)

How Sánchez wants to win the election with a new imageHe used to be “Pedro the pretty” in jeans and sneakers, but now he’s the Spanish prime minister in suit: Pedro Sánchez leads the polls. But even if they win on Sunday, the country faces a political blockade. But it is also chic in a suit. &# 128525;

Ellen Schwiers dead: she was the passion with the glowing eyes – WORLDThe actress Ellen Schwiers specialized in exotic roles. Now she died at the age of 88 – after she became the subject of an euthanasia debate.

Twitter users provide women with pictures that they can send to unwanted admirersMany men do not seem to want to accept a "no" until another man is involved. This gave a Twitter user a brilliant idea. what does the expression ‘fellow men’ mean &# 128584; Language Ingenious idea: Instead of expressing their lack of interest, refusing to make further contact or, in the event of contravention, calling the appropriate positions, women should corrupt themselves with ‘white lies’!

Do you often work with US colleagues? Then you should know these phrasesAnyone who works with Americans on a job stumbles across their flowery, almost exuberant language. Are they really so euphoric – or is .

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