Hamburg harbor tour with children and speicherstadt

Harbor tour of Hamburg

Harbor tour of Hamburg with children

That is why we want to go on a harbor tour of Hamburg with children
The port of Hamburg brought prosperity and economic growth to the city. Even today, the port is the lifeline for Hamburg. In the past it was exclusively trade by ship, today the cruise ships have been added. For example, during a family vacation in Hamburg we are interested in a boat trip through the port of Hamburg.

What is happening on the water, what do the shipyards with the docks look like and how big are the container ships really? All of this interests the children and also us. And all questions were answered. Even more: On the harbor tour, we made a detour through the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our big harbor tour of Hamburg with Speicherstadt

From the jetties through the port of Hamburg
We walked from the JUFA family hotel in HafenCity to the Elbphilharmonie. After our trip to the Elbphilharmonie, we continue to walk along the water and come to the jetties. Various providers are available for a harbor tour at the jetties. They loudly advertise to walkers for a harbor tour. A small spectacle that the Hamburgers can afford here in search of passengers. And: A tour of the port is worthwhile, even if the fare is not very cheap for the one-hour tour of the port of Hamburg (around 18.50 euros per adult, as of May 2018). We buy the tickets and get into a barge – that’s the name of the ships for the harbor tour.

Boat tour through the port of Hamburg and the warehouse district

What does the big harbor tour in Hamburg include??
We wait until midday and our harbor tour begins. The large harbor tour includes two parts: a boat trip between the red clinker bricks of the Speicherstadt and a trip through the harbor with docks, shipyards, cranes, container ships and cruise ships. Today is low water when our harbor tour begins, the tide has just started again.

After the excursion boats cannot sail through the shallow waters in the Speicherstadt without running aground at low tide, our boat trip begins with the port of Hamburg. We experience the importance of the port on a family vacation in Germany while we see the new landmark of Hamburg in the distance. We were there before, the trip to the viewing platform of the Elbphilharmonie is worthwhile. We sail into the extensive port area and see ships being repaired.

Harbor tour through the port of Hamburg with children

The large ships are being repaired in the dock. You drive into the flooded dock, then the water in the dock is pumped out and lifts the ship out of the harbor basin. Smaller ships, the barges are pulled onto the slip system on land with rope. We follow the explanations, the children especially. Sven drives us on, through a lock we come up to the port area with the container ships.
Steel walls several meters high rise above the water. Even higher are the cranes that pick up the containers from the ship every minute and set them down on the mainland.

Harbor tour of Hamburg: container ships & Cruise ships

Next Sven drives us to the cruise ship port. The floating hotels are larger and taller than most high-rise buildings. Our ship, on the other hand, looks like an ant. The pollution of the giant cruise ships is not only very great when they are sailing, even when the large ships are in port, the generators run to generate electricity and blow their exhaust gases into the air. An absurdity for me, they could get the electricity from the country by cable.

Our boat tour on the Elbe in Hamburg

After looking at the cruise ships, we drive into the Elbe and have this great panorama of the city of Hamburg including the Elbphilharmonie.
-> have a look at the film, then you will also see it:

Harbor tour of Speicherstadt Hamburg

By boat through the Speicherstadt Hamburg with children
We drive back over the Elbe towards the Elbphilharmonie. It goes into the narrow canal – that’s the name of the water streets in the warehouse district. Now there is enough water and we go to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the water we can also see the monument to the famous Hamburg pirate Störtebeker.

Hafenrundfahrt Hamburg Speicherstadt – very impressive, you should have seen

How long is the long harbor tour in Hamburg??

At the end of the one-hour harbor tour, we circle the Elbphilharmonie and walk back in at the jetty in the jetties. The next day, we will learn more about Störtbeker and the houses of the Speicherstadt, which stands on hundreds of oak and larch trunks, on our very entertaining and exciting tour of the Speicherstadt with children.

Memorize Hamburg for children

With this pin you can remember this tip for your next trip or your city trip to Hamburg:

Memorize harbor tour of Hamburg for children – with this pin

-> more ideas, destinations and playgrounds in Hamburg with children

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