Hamburg with children – beach, harbor city, elbe philharmonic hall

Hamburg with children

What is worthwhile in Hamburg with children?

Planning a family vacation with children in Hamburg
“The gateway to the world” as Hamburg Tourismus calls the world city of Hamburg, has many family-friendly sights and leisure options for a family vacation away from the Reeperbahn. We have been to the famous city on the Alster twice and explored Hamburg with children. Here you can get our insider tips and experiences.

It was great in the harbor at the jetties. Of course we also visited the famous miniature museum – a must with children in Hamburg. The greatest attraction will probably be the miniature wonder world for children and parents. Betting? But there are also great playgrounds and the city’s new attraction – the Hafencity with the Elbphilharmonie. Here are our tips for a family vacation or a trip with children in Hamburg. For us the short vacation in Hamburg was very varied. A nice city trip in Germany with children!

Hafencity Hamburg and Elbphilharmonie Plaza with children

# 1 – New district: Discover the Hafencity with the Elbphilharmonie with children
In recent years and in the coming years, a completely new district is emerging in Hamburg – HafenCity. The dimensions are gigantic. The last time we were in Hamburg, you couldn’t see any of it. Hundreds of new huge houses are being built behind the UNESCO World Heritage Site Speicherstadt and Hamburg’s old town. This increases the city center of Hamburg by 40%. The newest tourist monument is also in HafenCity: the Elbphilharmonie.

-> this was our trip to the Elbphilharmonie Plaza

Tour through the warehouse district of Hamburg with children

# 2 – UNESCO World Heritage Site Speicherstadt Hamburg

The historic warehouse district is located between Hamburg city center and HafenCity. The tour of the Speicherstadt with children – including a short trip to HafenCity – was extremely entertaining and interesting. If you want to learn something about this sight in Hamburg, the family tour of the Speicherstadtmuseum with Anette is worthwhile. Really all children had fun, which is otherwise rather rare on such tours!

-> see the pictures of our Speicherstadt Hamburg tour here.

The miniature museum Hamburg with children

# 3 – In the miniature wonderland Hamburg with children

You can’t get past that on a family vacation in Hamburg. Here in the miniature wonder world you can explore the world in small in the warehouse district. Very detailed construction. The countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, the north of Europe have already been created. In the following years, other landscapes were added.

There will never be a final completion here, because there is always something to add. The miniature wonder world with the thousands of locomotives, trailers, airports, cars and also ships is a day-filling pleasure – in any weather. Even when the weather outside is beautiful, many people stand by the artificially created landscapes. The Hamburg Miniature Museum is open every day of the year. It is worth buying a ticket online in advance.

The world in small detail: excursion with children to the miniature wonder world, ideal when it rains in Hamburg with children

Miniature wonder world or zoo in Hamburg with children?

# 4 – In the zoo in Hamburg with children – trip to the Hagenbeck zoo

The second main attraction for families is the zoo in Hamburg. Families have been guests at Hagenbeck for over 100 years. Tierpark Hagenbeck houses almost 2000 animals in a very spacious area. If you are lucky, you can not only watch while feeding, but even feed yourself: for the elephants, feeding is even desirable. An aquarium was built right next to the zoo, where you can experience the tropical world on an area of ​​8,000 square meters. Hamburg Zoo Hagenbeck is open all year round. We are not zoo enthusiasts, so we weren’t there ourselves – but didn’t want to withhold the tip for a family vacation in Hamburg.

Inexpensive with children to the musical in Hamburg

# 5 – In the musical on family vacation Hamburg

Hamburg is the third largest musical city in the world – after New York and London. When you visit Hamburg, you can also watch a musical, depending on the age of the children. The musical Lion King has been shown for many years. The musical Mary Poppins is new. Well-known productions have performances here again and again. Low-priced remaining tickets can be obtained from the event office in the Speicherstadt. We learned this during our tour of the Speicherstadt, here is the office of the musical productions: the entry on the Google map &# 128578;

Harbor tour in Hamburg with children

# 6 – The Port of Hamburg and the Harbor Tour

From the jetties you can see the port of Hamburg. Here the ships leave for the musical. The hustle and bustle on the fish market is also very interesting. He is next to the jetties. Every Sunday, all sorts of goods are brought out to the people with great screams and skillful acting. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, a visit is really recommended – and the little ones will be amazed. You can also combine this with a boat tour in the port of Hamburg. Not far from the fish market towards the Landungsbrücken, numerous ships compete for passengers on the harbor tour.

-> A tour of the port is worthwhile, have a look here at our tour of the port of Hamburg.

On the Michel in Hamburg with children

# 7 – look from Michel over Hamburg

We also wanted a view from above of the harbor, the Elbe and Hamburg. That goes very well from the Hamburg landmark, the Michel. The tower of the Michaeliskirche is 132 meters high and therefore over most roofs of the city. We climbed the steps into the tower and enjoyed the view. That was worth it!

Also one of Hamburg’s landmarks: the Michel. Worth a trip with children in Hamburg …

… how you have this view over Hamburg with the Elbe and harbor from the tower on Michel.

# 8 – cruise through Hamburg with the red double-decker

You can reach most of Hamburg’s sights with the red sightseeing bus. In addition, we learned interesting stories and background information about Hamburg on our way through the city. A round trip lasts 90 minutes, but you can also get out, take a look and get on the next bus. One of the red double-decker buses comes by every 10 minutes. An experience for the children and exciting with the stories.

Cheap boat trips to the sandy beach in Hamburg with children

# 9 – Hamburg’s sandy beach in the city

Hamburg is not by the sea, but it also has its own sandy beach. It lies on the Elbe behind Hamburg Altona in the Hamburg district of Othmarschen. At the weekends, families can romp around building sandcastles, picnicking and walking. It goes for kilometers along the Elbe, many restaurants with terraces court for guests. I couldn’t imagine it before, but it was really great. Look, we were there too, in the largest sand playground in town. Can be conveniently combined with a boat trip on the Elbe!

  • Elbstrand Hamburg Övelgönne

  • Elbstrand Hamburg with children

To the Hamburg Cathedral with children

# 10 – Volksfest in Hamburg: The Hamburg Cathedral

There used to be a cathedral in Hamburg, around which there were a few rides during Christmas. The cathedral no longer exists, the folk festival in Hamburg has remained: the so-called Hamburg cathedral is held three times a year. The traditional Hamburg Volksfest takes place for four weeks in March, July and November. The rides are a fixed size for kids and teenagers both during the day and in the evening.

Cool playground in Hamburg with children?

# 11 and # 12 – Baakenpark playground & Planten and blomen with children

There are many playgrounds spread across the city of Hamburg. We looked at the most popular ones. This includes three playgrounds in the new HafenCity. The Grasbrookpark playground, the Lohsepark playground. The Hafencity playground in the Baakenpark is new and beautifully designed.

The largest playground in Hamburg is in the "Planten un Blomen" park. On around 47 hectares – in the middle of Hamburg – there are many leisure activities in the green. In addition to the Hamburg Exhibition Center, you can play with children in Hamburg for a really long time: on a separate playground for toddlers, a water playground and a playground for older children.

Spend the night in Hamburg with children

# 13 – Family Hotels in Hamburg: The JUFA family hotel

Real family hotels are in short supply in Hamburg. You can usually book two double rooms with breakfast in one of the city hotels and you’re done. The new family hotel in HafenCity is completely different. The family hotel experts from Austria (JUFA is a chain of family-friendly hotels based in Austria) have built a great JUFA family hotel in Hamburg. You will find pleasant family rooms, a great breakfast buffet with the typical Hamburger Franzbrötchen, evening buffet and indoor playgrounds. Outside the hotel, the 13-meter Störtebeker ship is ready to play.

Our family vacation in Hamburg with children

A family vacation in Hamburg is worthwhile?
We were 3 nights in Hamburg. We made the journey by night train, so we shortened the journey to Hamburg. You don’t need a car in the city anyway. The Hamburg Card is worth using public transport. Thanks to all the tourist experts in and around Hamburg who supported us in researching this article about Hamburg. Without you we would not have been able to experience all of this and show you here.

It was nice days up in the north of Germany, especially for us "mountain family", where we usually go hiking in the mountains and show family holidays in the mountains. Hamburg is definitely worth a trip – and I still have the fine taste of the Franzbrötchen on the tongue that was available for breakfast in the Hamburg family hotel!

Sunset in Hamburg – with this picture we say goodbye to the train from Hamburg

Hamburg with children remember tips

If you want to learn more Hamburg insider tips, you can read up on Ute from Hamburg. She is the mother of three children and lives in Hamburg. The official site about Hamburg also gives tips, of course, you can find the link here.

For us from the south, a beach holiday on the sandy beach is also worthwhile after Hamburg: The Baltic Sea is not that far away …

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