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Hamburg with children – here we come

We won three days of hotel stay in a Meininger hotel of our choice last year thanks to Mama Schulze’s blog ( and her great competition. It quickly became clear to us that our decision was made in Hamburg. Why? It is located on the water, is said to be great with children, according to hearsay, and we have never been to Hamburg before.

This is what moves me the most anyway, because you spend a whole year in the USA, would be worth a blog entry ;-), look at half the world and you have never seen many cities in your own country , In the following, I will tell you that it is worthwhile, especially with children. So much is anticipated, Hamburg my pearl, I’ll be back.

After it became clear that it would be Hamburg, we immediately started looking for cheap train tickets. Thanks to saver prices, which Deutsche Bahn offers generously if you book in time, we were able to buy the tickets for € 100 return. Awesome right? Incidentally, I still kiss the feet of the Bahn employee for the cleverness of booking the toddler compartment for us (our boys were 3 and 6 at the time). So we had a whole compartment just for ourselves, which is really only an advantage with our robbers. Okay, admittedly, more for the other passengers than for us. :-) We also enjoyed the free WiFi as the compartment is right next to the 1st class. Ha! So be sure to ask for the toddler compartment when booking. With the help of a portable DVD player, enough food and some games, the 5 hour drive from our Bavarian hometown to Hamburg was over in no time. The Meininger Hotel is located directly at the Altona train station, which is also an ICE station. Comfortably boarded the train in Würzburg and arrived directly at the hotel. Absolutely recommendable with children, if you don’t have to travel across town with suitcases, buggy and dwarfs until you reach the hotel. The location is just perfect. The first impression of the hotel was consistently positive. It is very modern, the four-bed family room was divided into two large rooms and a small but nice bathroom. Highly recommended for a city break. Of course there is no swimming pool, no more leeway or the like, but we didn’t come to Hamburg for that. We wanted to watch as much as possible in the three days anyway and therefore spend little time in the hotel. After we had unloaded everything, we started our first exploration tour. We bought the Hamburg Card with which we could use the bus, train and now it’s free, even port ferries, for two days. The card costs up to five people € 32.90. Highly Recommended!

Of course the typical bad weather caught us with a lot of drizzle and uncomfortable temperatures, but we didn’t mind with the right clothes. What we immediately noticed: Whenever we saw families, the children were wearing rainwear and rubber boots, it was played and had fun on all playgrounds despite the pouring rain. You can really learn a lot from the Hamburgers. Next time we will definitely have our rubber boots with us ;-)

First we made our way to the Landungsbrücken in the St. Pauli district to watch the hustle and bustle at the water station. Since we wanted to avoid an expensive Elbe tour with the sightseeing ships, also because we didn’t know how long our kids would take part in, we decided to take line 62 of the harbor ferry, which goes from the Landungsbrücken to Finkenwerder and from there with the Line 64 then on to Teufelsbrück. J And all of that for free with the Hamburg Card. The dwarfs had the feeling of navigation and we were completely independent when we got out and saved ourselves expensive tickets. When we arrived in Teufelsbrück we took bus 36, which drives along the beautiful Elbchaussee-Allee with great villas and lots of nature. We then got out in Eggersallee. It’s just awesome how child-friendly Hamburg is. There are really beautiful playgrounds and sports fields everywhere that can be used in any weather. We walked along Eggersallee and then along Fischersallee past the many children’s places and discovered a children’s café. Boah, a children’s café, that’s what I would really like with us, in my tranquil hometown. It did what the name promised. All parents ran around in socks, there was a great play area, the food was absolutely tailored to children, for the parents there were two changing main dishes. Just wonderful. Unfortunately, the children’s café has only recently closed. What a loss!

After an extremely tasty refreshment and enough romp, we took a little break to go back to the hotel.

In the evening we decided to go out again and see the St. Pauli Stadium. The four of us are die-hard football fans – from the club! So 1. FC Nürnberg. Ok, those who are familiar with football now know at the latest that we are suffering. J Once there, we discovered a huge public viewing on the occasion of the European Championship. Again there were all kinds of great opportunities for children to play, we ate something from the grill and then we went back to the Meininger Hotel very tired.

At breakfast the next day, the selection was relatively manageable, but also very tasty. Again we had a day of Schiet, but we had to use the time, so we headed downtown and discovered the bus line 111, which in turn can be used to travel free of charge to 16 sights with the Hamburg Card and go in and out may get out. Who needs expensive hop on / off buses? J Everything is run from the Michl to the Reeperbahn, so that we could often get out and take great photos. The buses are very short, so that the waiting time with children is not too long.

Around noon we ate in the city center at the Daniel Wischer restaurant. There was delicious fish and a great children’s menu. The waitresses are extremely friendly and the price-performance ratio is right. The absolute highlight was the large aquarium in the middle of the restaurant, which was admired with wide eyes. Since it is in the middle of the city, we were able to do some shopping in the beautiful city center of Hamburg. Yeah, mom’s heart will please J! And then we ended the day in Germany’s first inner city Ikea. We enjoyed tea and cake and the kids had enough time and rest to play. The Ikea itself is brilliant, by the way, if we would have been there by car, one or the other decorative part would have ended up in the trunk. J Of course, the Hamburg Stadium also had to be briefly viewed.

In the evening we went to the Docklands. An office building that has a free viewing platform and that, once you get to the top, has a magnificent view of the Elbe. Both S-Bahn and buses stop nearby.

On the third day, we only stayed in the Altona district, since our train was already leaving at noon. The time was really much, much too short and one thing is certain: Hamburg we will be back. Because there is definitely so much more to see and do. Thanks JuSu for this great opportunity and the competition! We hope there are a few tips for your next city trip with your dwarfs! We wish you lots of fun and think of the rubber boots ;-)

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