Hamburg with children: set off!

Hamburg with children: set off!

Hamburg with children: Cast off!

Hamburg with children: Spending a short vacation with children in Hamburg is spoiled for choice. The port city really has a lot to offer and there should be something for every taste and age group. We only give a few examples here, but you can always search for additional excursion tips with children in Hamburg using the postcode search.

Anyone visiting Hamburg with children can choose from a large number of events

Hamburg with children: all wood or something?

For nature lovers there is a special excursion destination in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, namely the Wälderhaus Hamburg. Here the topic of calf and sustainability comes into focus. The whole house is made of solid wood. Children who live in the big city in particular should be introduced to an important topic here. The children go on a search on two floors and find a lot of stations where questions about the forest can be answered. Admission is free, by the way, also an argument for families who have to look at the money on a family trip to Hamburg. You can also get more information on a family cult tour.

Hamburg with children: a detour into a chocolatey world

Lovers of delicious chocolate are in the right place at chcoversum Hamburg. Here, the children not only learn how chocolate is now made, but are even allowed to work themselves and create their own chocolate. How does a cocoa bean taste, does it already taste chocolate? Or does it have to be roasted first? How does the cocoa mass turn into chocolate? These are some of the questions that are dealt with in chocolate consumption and to which children and parents receive answers. You can also get more information on a family cult tour.

Hamburg with children: off to the boat!

If you want to get to know Hamburg from its water side, you must not do without a harbor tour. This is already doable with younger children and if you want to experience the largest port in Germany up close, you should book such a tour. The families get into smaller boats – called barges – and can easily approach the large pots with them. A trip to the Speicherstadt usually follows. If you want to learn more about the harbor tours, you can get more information on a family cult tour.

Hamburg with children: get on the bus!

At the port you continue by bus. The “red double decker” are popular with families. This is really touristy, but a great way to get to know Hamburg on a family outing. Such a bus trip is particularly useful when visiting Hamburg with children. Parents decide when and where to board and the ride can also be adapted to the needs of the children. The double-decker buses run from the Landungsbrücken to the Speicherstadt, which you may already have got to know from a boat. You can also find out how it goes on a family cult tour.

Hamburg with children: Hamburg very small!

A visit to the Miniatur Wunderland is almost a must when you visit Hamburg with the family. Here the families travel through a fascinating miniature world and marvel at the world’s largest railway system. Hamburg is also shown here in miniature format. And there is really a lot to discover here. As the miniature world in Hamburg is not an insider tip, it is advisable to arrive early – alternatively it is a bit quieter when you visit later. At the weekend, you should think carefully about whether you really want to dare.
More information is available here!

Hamburg hungry with children!

If you are looking for a very special restaurant, take a detour to the Rollercoaster Restaurant in Hamburg. On this day there are burgers and if you are looking for something fun for a school trip or children’s birthday party, take a detour to the roller coaster restaurant Schwerelos in Hamburg. You can also get more information on a family cult tour.

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