Hamburg with children: three tips for trips, children’s outdoor, outdoor experiences with the whole family

Hamburg with children: three tips for trips

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Hamburg with children can be an interesting thing for you and the little ones. But Hamburg with children has a “minimal” catch. Some things that adults like very much, such as museums or galleries, are boring for outdoor children. The same applies to shopping. That is why we have three tips for you on how you can experience Hamburg with children!

Hamburg with children: Park Planten un Blomen must be on the program!
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Hamburg with children is completely free. For example in the Planten un Blomen park. The Hanseatic people rightly call this park the green heart of the city. Entry is free. There is a Japanese landscape garden that is second to none. The kids find that less tingling? No problem! Hamburg with children cannot be stopped even in bad weather. If pretty much everything falls from the sky, then go to the show greenhouse. After all, it is 2,800 square meters and here you will find exotic plants from all over the world. Entry is free, but a donation is welcome. The greenhouse is open:

March – October
Monday – Friday 9:00 am–4:45pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10 am–5.45pm

November to February
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 10 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

But then there is an incredibly large playground in the Planten un Blomen Park. With water, slides, climbing mountains, swings, caves and everything you need for Hamburg with children.

Hamburg with children can also be inexpensive!
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Hamburg with children: everyone on the water in Hamburg!

Hamburg with children means that you go your own way. Let the mass of tourists go their way and go with the family to the Outer Alster or the Alster canals to the water. Here rowing boats, kayaks or pedal boats can be rented and the whole pack is already paddling. Suddenly the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg is very quiet and you sail through Hamburg with children under the bridges. On the way you look into the gardens of the villas by the water and get a first-class view of the Hanseatic city on the outer and inner Alster. A tip: take food and drinks into the boat / kayak. There is already a great light sailor picnic on the water. There are enough boat rental companies on the Alster and you can cast off! Hamburg is a real outdoor adventure with children!

More information at:

Hamburg with children: go on the water!
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Excursions to the island of Neuwerk

Why are you staying in the city? Discovering Hamburg with children also means cruising! Helgoland (the only German offshore island) and the island of Neuwerk belong to the Hanseatic city. Trips there are worthwhile if you want to discover Hamburg with children. The Neuwerk lighthouse has stood here for over 700 years. It also had another important function, except as a navigation aid: it served as a defense tower in pirate raids. From its platform at a height of 40 meters, it offers a wonderful view of the island of Neuwerk. But the lighthouse has more to offer than a lot of history. There are seven rooms here where you can stay with the children. Getting to Neuwerk Island is already an adventure. With the wattage it takes an hour and a half to get to Neuwerk at low tide. If your children prefer to sail across the sea, then take the ship from Cuxhaven to the island.

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