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Hamburg, my pearl. City trips to Hamburg are so much fun that we have not only been there once – and will definitely be back. I would like to introduce our favorite places in Hamburg here. You may also feel like going on a trip to the far north?

The best place to get in the mood for Hamburg. It feels like dreams of distant countries start right here. The tingling in your stomach when you read the street sign: At the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken. The scent of the big wide world smells of cool water and fish sandwiches. A babble of voices of all sorts of nations, photographing tourists. The screeching of the seagulls and the sailors who want to lure a few landlubbers on board for the harbor tour. Depending on the weather, simply buy an ice cream or a hot drink, put it on the steps and let the scenes take effect. Watch the street performers. Watch ships. People watch. Haaaach, Hamburg.

Harbor tour, this time "in cheap"

A visit to the port is definitely part of the visit to Hamburg. You have to do it. You don’t have to book an extra harbor tour, you can simply use the harbor ferries that are included in the public transport ticket of the HVV. We took line 62 and actually wanted to go to Finkenwerder. But before that, Sohnemann got seasick. You don’t think it can get so rocky there – it’s not an open sea. So, emergency exit at Dockland, which turned out to be a real stroke of luck. You can climb up to the office building and from there you have one of the best views of the city and, with a little luck, one of the cruise ships that anchor there. Back to the city with bus 111, past many of the city’s sights. You can even download explanations as a virtual city guide on your mobile phone – the QR codes are available at the bus stop and on the bus. Sightseeing virtually free of charge.

I’m not going to another city to see a zoo. Yes, Hagenbeck is worth it, even if it is not exactly a cheap pleasure. Here you can easily spend the whole day. If you don’t have that much time, you should decide at the entrance whether you want to visit the zoo or the tropical house / aquarium. Aquarium and tropical house are good weather options. Bumps of frost will feel good in the tropical house: the name says it all, we visitors too were made to sweat in the hot, humid air. The children loved the free-range monkeys. Moving on was only possible when a monkey sat on the lap of the feeding nurse and happily did his business there. After that was the topic "I want to have a monkey in my arms" by. We continued past snakes and crocodiles. My absolute highlight: the huge aquarium – face to face with sharks and colorful fish. Wow.

The zoo outside is very nicely laid out, both the animal and the human area. You can go for a walk here, feed elephants, watch monkeys. I’m not an expert, but as a visitor you have the feeling that the animals are doing well here. The well-being of young and old is also taken care of: there is a great playground where the little ones can run around and have fun while the big ones can lazily fall on a bench and have a coffee in the adjoining cafe. Our favorite in the zoo outside: the Arctic Ocean – and not just because you can cool off so well on hot summer days.

At one o’clock on the Reeperbahn. there is something going on in the panopticon. You can meet stars and starlets in the wax museum. Photos with the celebrities are allowed – they also keep nice and quiet. ;-) You shouldn’t expect Madame Tussauds here – the panopticon is rather small, but still worth seeing.

We only saw the Reeperbahn with two primary school children in tow in daylight: past the Davidwache (known from the TV series Großstadtrevier), clearly ambiguous shops and garbage cans that amused me and which I had to hold in the picture – commented by a local Joker : "What are you photographing there? There is no such thing with you?"

Simply extend your visit to Hamburg by a few days even though you don’t have time at all? Off to the miniature wonderland: here change day and night every few minutes. Landscapes around the world are lovingly and detailed in miniature format. If you look closely, you will discover small gags in every scene. Find the little button at the chocolate factory. If you press it several times in succession, a small piece of chocolate will actually come out at some point.

By the way, the miniature wonderland is often very well attended – there are even specially designed waiting areas. If you want to avoid waiting at the entrance, book your ticket online beforehand.

Planten un Blomen

A really nice park with lots of flowers, playgrounds and different events. Jump over stones in the Japanese garden through the water, fight for a goal with the family at water football, climb up and slide down the Bullberg mountains, fortify yourself in the cafe, let the sun shine on your deck chairs, marvel at the flowers. There is a lot to experience in Planten un Blomen – and all without admission fees. A special highlight in the summer months are the free water light concerts at the lake. Water fountains are atmospherically illuminated every evening after dusk with various pieces of music

Yes, train station. This is my tip for everything you want to buy, if you don’t have the time or the desire to shop in the city or are out of store hours. There is a supermarket, shops, a pharmacy and the central station is easy to reach from anywhere. Most of the time you live in a city break in hotels and have to take care of yourself – the train station is also a good starting point for this. Here everyone will find a restaurant or snack bar to suit their taste. And because everything is so close together, everyone can sit together at one table while one eats French fries and the other eats Chinese.

This is actually not a tip, but rather a call for help. Pater-noster driving is given as an insider tip in many travel guides. Apparently it is such an insider that we have not yet managed to do it. We were just standing in front of closed doors everywhere. Unfortunately we are mostly in Hamburg on weekends when the offices where the elevators are supposed to be closed are closed. If anyone knows a Father Noster that can be visited from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, please leave a message in the comments. :-)

No, not a big church, but the folk festival on the Heiligengeistfeld. So far, this was not within our Hamburg visit times and is still on the to-do list.

Tips for imitators ;-)

Getting there: Hamburg can be easily reached by train. The long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn and the Hamburg-Köln-Express (HKX) stop at Hamburg’s train stations. The entrance to Hamburg Central Station is wonderful – enjoy the view. You can easily do without a car in Hamburg – the underground network is comfortable and the trains run every few minutes. A day ticket is worthwhile for families. The feeling of Hamburg arises when you no longer run after a subway but only let the train start shrugging your shoulders with the words: Oh, let’s take the next one. And you rarely wait longer than 5 minutes.

Accommodation: We recommend the Superbude and the Superbude. There are two of them: one in St. Pauli and one in St. Georg. Wonderfully relaxed, alternative, funny atmosphere. First hang the jacket on the Klopömpel cloakroom, pick some information from the mouse trap memo board and put it on the beer crate stool. You should take a closer look and find a lot of fun, clever, original things inside and outside the room.

Children under the age of 13 sleep free of charge with their parents in a double room and do not pay for breakfast. The breakfast buffet is great, you can even bake fresh waffles. In addition, the Superbude offers free WiFi, in St. Georg there is an in-house cinema, a so-called gymnasium with table tennis table, table football, skateboard memory, various board games in the kitchen club for free use and much more. It’s best to take a look at it yourself. And around the clock you can lubricate a Nutella bread for free. Yes, what more do you want?

Did you like the report? Is something missing? Ideas for us, what we still have to do in Hamburg? We look forward to likes and feedback. :-)

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