Handicraft instructions for paper kites and autumn kites

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Every autumn, children and parents go outside to fly colorful kites. Even in the living rooms, dragons frolic in the windows or decorate the walls. Popular is this Crafting paper kites.

Because this craft idea can be used both as a homemade autumn decoration and let it rise in light winds. Especially in rainy weather when the kids can’t play outside making colorful autumn kites is a nice pastime.

Autumn dragons can also be found not only from paper, but also from other materials, like felt or bast. The following handicraft instructions for paper kites and autumn kites can also be reproduced by children in kindergarten or elementary school.

Instructions for making a kite out of paper

List of materials for paper kites
  • 1 square sheet of construction paper
  • Colorful construction paper
  • Pens for painting
  • Shish kebabs made of wood
  • line
  • crepe paper
  • adhesive
  • pencil
  • ruler

A paper kite is a beautiful autumn decoration for windows and walls and is quickly made by younger and older children. When designing, they can let your creativity run wild. If you want, you can also tinker it with building instructions for a kite. In this guide we make a classic paper eddy kite.

Make kites out of paper

In the first step you cut a large square made of colored construction paper out. The edge length should be at least 20 cm, otherwise the paper kite will be too small. Now draw a line with the ruler from the bottom left to the top right corner.

Next, take the top left corner and fold it up to the diagonal so that its edge is exactly on the line. The same is repeated with the lower right corner. With these steps is Care and accuracy required, especially if you want to let the paper kite soar after crafting. Now the kite has its typical eddy shape.

Fold the construction paper diagonally

Fold the corner to the diagonal

Then you have two possibilities: Either you unfold the two parts again and cut them off along the fold lines or you coat the inside with glue, fold them back together and glue them in place. The latter has the advantage that the kite becomes more stable due to the two-ply paper.

Fold paper kites

So that the paper kite looks beautiful both outside and inside, you make a second dragon out of paper, which has the same dimensions. Then you cut two narrow wooden sticks, e.g. B. skewers on the length of the cross and glue them to the inside of the first kite.

The next step is to design the kite tail. To do this, cut off a long cord. For colorful bows small, equal-sized rectangles are cut out of colored crepe paper and folded into accordions. Take the middle of the accordion and tie it to the cord. Colorful ribbons already adorn the dragon’s tail. Now you glue it to the inside of the lower tip of the kite.

For a funny face draw two mouths, noses and four eyes of equal size on colored construction paper and cut them out. Finally, glue on the faces and also coat the inside of both paper kites with glue. Glue both paper kites congruently and you have a double-sided window picture.

Tip: If you want, you can make three more accordions out of crepe paper and stick them on the left and right corners and on the top of the kite’s head.

Tip: If you use banknotes instead of crepe paper, you can make a great money gift out of the dragon.

Make autumn dragons out of bast and felt

required materials:
  • Stable craft cardboard
  • Bast for crafting and decorating
  • Colorful felt
  • cord
  • Glue
  • scissors

First is the dragon made of sturdy cardboard tinkered, which should have a color similar to the bast. Print out the craft template below and transfer the shape to the cardboard. Cut out the kite and coat one side with glue. Unwind a long piece of raffia and press the end in the middle of the kite. Now he is wrapped in the bast until the cardboard box is no longer visible. When a bast strand is over, stick it to the kite and take a new piece. If you like, use a second color or lay the bast twice before wrapping it.

The next step is to design the autumn kite with felt. Paint a mouth, a nose and a pair of eyes, cut out the parts and glue them on. Then glue the cord to the lower tip of the autumn kite. For the dragon tail cut the raffia into short pieces and bundle them together. Tie the bundles into loops with the cord. For the three upper corners, the bows are tied together with raffia and glued to the autumn kite.

Handicraft template for autumn and paper kites

You can also use this craft template to make a paper kite. After printing, transfer the kite shape to stable cardboard and cut it out. With the template it is easier to make congruent dragons. The black and white template is also a great coloring page for children.

Colored craft template for paper kites

Black and white template for paper kites

Instructions for making a colorful paper autumn kite

  • different colored cardboard in colors of your choice
  • Tracing paper (or light tracing paper)
  • black felt tip pen
  • cord
  • scissors
  • Glue

Step 1

Draw first the contours of an autumn kite on tracing or light tracing paper. Connect the opposite tips in dashed lines so that you get an overview of the size of the individual colored areas.

Then draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the kite on the paper. The eyes should be at the same distance from both dashed lines.

Now paint your autumn kite’s eyes with a black marker. For the nose, draw a circle on the paper with the intersection of both dashed lines as the center. The mouth should also have the same length on both sides and is then drawn through with a black line so that it looks friendly. The sketch of your kite is finished!

The sketch of the autumn kite

2nd step

Draw the individual parts of your autumn kite on cardboard in different colors. The eyes, nose and mouth of the kite should be drawn on dark cardboard so that the face stands out from the other colors. Then cut out all the parts.

Transfer the individual parts to colorful cardboard.

The finished cut out parts of the kite

3rd step

Now glue the colorful parts together and only then glue the face onto them.

Autumn kite with finished face

Glue the individual parts of the kite together

4th step

Finally, the cord is still missing: Cut a piece of cord and glue it to the back of the kite.

Have fun tinkering!

The finished autumn kite

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Material for a Chinese paper kite
  • Paper, A4 or A3
  • Two kebab skewers per dragon
  • Glue
  • Colored, felt or wax crayons
  • Red glitter, feathers or other materials for decoration
  • scissors
  • pencil

Tinker Chinese paper kites

Chinese dragons remember long lines with short ones legs and often have an angular head. First draw a wide, pointed tube with a pencil on the paper and paint a rectangular box for the head at the other end.

Finally the paper kites are cut out. A kebab skewer is glued to the back of the head and tail end. After drying the glue, the Chinese paper kites can be used as Flower plugs for houseplants or lucky charms for New Year’s and New Year’s use.

Tip: Since the lines are partially erased, they should be as pale as possible. Now add the details, e.g. B. short legs with claws, a mouth with pointed teeth and jagged tail. To do this, erase the previous lines. Then the children can paint the Chinese paper kites with pencils as they wish. It is a funny idea to decorate the mythical creatures with red glitter or feathers.

Paint the autumn dragon with window color paints

  • Window color contour paint with paint tip, e.g. B. Black and green
  • Window color coloring in different colors
  • Propekthülle
  • Possibly. Toothpicks and kitchen paper
  • 1 sheet of A4
  • pencil
  • adhesive film

Another original idea for a self-made autumn kite are Window color colors. These have the advantage that the window picture is both outside looks the same inside as well.

Colorful autumn dragon with window color colors

First you draw the shape of the kite on a piece of paper. This Stencil makes painting easier with the window color colors. In these instructions, the autumn dragon is given a funny face, two flowers on the sides and a large bow on the "head" as well as a dragon tail with large and small bows.

Slide the sheet into the brochure cover and stick it on the table with adhesive film so that it doesn’t slip. Draw the outlines and the outlines of the face with the outline color. Make sure that the Lines are continuous and not too thin so that the window picture does not tear when you pull it off. After about 3 hours it has dried.

In the next step, paint the free areas with coloring in any color. The same applies here: do not apply the paint too thinly, otherwise the picture will tear. Air bubbles can be pierced with a toothpick. Paint painted over the edge can be wiped off with kitchen paper before drying. After 24 hours the window color colors have dried. Now the autumn dragon can be pulled off the prospectus cover and glued with the head to the window pane first.

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