Hanging tent children’s room, info, test – advice before buying

Now there is action and relaxation in every children’s room, because with the hanging tent for a children’s room they are love Make little big eyes and your imagination Freerunning can leave. With a hanging tent, a practical solution finally finds its way into the children’s room and can by great materials and colors convince. The hanging bag can be attached to the ceiling in a few simple steps and the fun in the child’s room can begin. Swinging in confined spaces has never been easier than with a hanging tent in a child’s room.

incl. 19% VAT.

brand Haba
Diameter in cm 135
Height in cm 210
material Oranza, cotton / polyester blend
Weight in kg 5
Minimum age in years 2

A hanging tent in the children’s room emphasizes the imagination

If you want to treat your child to something good, you should definitely consider a high-quality hanging tent for the children’s room and hang a child-friendly tent on the ceiling. A hanging tent in the children’s room is a suitable way to effectively design and use the space. A secure and firm hook provides the stable basis for the thick fabric of the hanging bags. Hanging tents are thematically adapted to the needs of the children and are available in numerous colors for boys and girls. From a simple hanging bag to an exciting hanging tent in the children’s room. From the knight’s castle to the fairy country, the innovative tents will cause stormy enthusiasm.

The best quality for children

The tents for the children’s room have been enjoying great popularity for several years and are an optimal solution that offers the child a place to retreat. You can sleep safely and relaxed in hanging tents in the children’s room or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. Reading or playing in the hanging tent is also no problem. Unlike an outdoor tent, these children’s tents have openings instead of closable doors. So getting into and out of the play equipment is not a problem and becomes an easy task that every child will enjoy. With slight movements, the tent can also be set in motion and used as a kind of comfortable swing. Brilliant children’s eyes will be the result. A hanging tent in the children’s room should not be missing in any household with small children. The quality of the tents stands for optimal processing and offers the children the highest possible quality.


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