Hannover for free – free destinations for families

Hannover for free - free destinations for families

Hannover for free – free destinations for families

Hannover for free: Leisure time is expensive. Cinema, theater, swimming pool, zoo – everything costs money. But also in Hanover there are numerous goals for families who free pleasure to offer. This can be a walk by the lake, but also a visit to a museum, a swim in the lake, a zoo, a visit to the observatory or watching the piano maker.

Families with children can find free fun in many places in Hanover.

Off to the museum

Hanover has great museums and you can even visit them for free. The Sprengel Museum, the August Kestner Museum, the State Museum and the Historical Museum are not admitted on Fridays – in the State Museum this only applies from 2 p.m., in the other museums from the morning.

In general, no other museums are admitted, for example the Museum of Energy History or the Museum of the Blind. If you take a little driving time, you can take a free tour on Sundays in the Museum of Potash and Salt Mining in Empelde and learn exciting things about the white gold. In Helstorf the farrier museum opens its gates every third Sunday, in Springe the football museum on Friday afternoons. In Isernhagen you can SN-shower-Hof experience what life used to be like for farmers.

Play, swim and walk around the lake

Walks around the lake don’t have to be boring. For example if there is a great playground like on Langenhagen silver lake, where you can romp around on the pirate ship. In summer you can dig on the children’s beach and play in the water. There is even a bathing island.

The admission also does not cost Altwarmbüchener See. Two beaches promise a holiday feeling, playing fields invite you to a badminton match, for example. You can also swim on Hufeisensee, that belongs to the Wietzepark. Who builds the most beautiful sand castle here? The journey takes a little further Bathing island in Steinhude, where several playgrounds provide variety. If you don’t want to take a bath, you can also do that maschsee, the Berenbosteler See or that Great Koldinger See walk – or bike or ride with inliners! Cormorants and other birds can be observed on the latter.

city ​​tour

On Red thread leads through Hanover. If you walk along it, you will see all the sights of the city – free of charge, of course. The accompanying brochure is available in the tourist information opposite the main train station.

Park, forest, nature

Go outside! On the WaKiTu, the forest children’s playground in the Eilenriede, can be muddled, bolted, slipped and played. From Monday to Friday, the employees also offer a colorful program in the afternoons. Another alternative in the Eilenriede is Waldstation. 19 stations can be explored, the free brochure, which is available in the entrance building, is helpful. The climb to the new tower costs, but is affordable with 1 euro per person.

He has a lot of space to let off steam Kinderwald at the Mecklenheider Forest. How about a picnic on Luna Luna or Taka Tuka Island? The Park of the Senses is located in Laatzen. Here you can find your way through the maze of hedges, challenge your nose in the garden of scents, feel your way barefoot, look like an insect, send messages about parabolic mirrors and and and!

Watch animals

As beautiful as the zoo in Hanover is – it costs a lot of admission. If you still want to look at animals, you should zoo visit. Wild boars, deer and birds can be seen in their enclosures and aviaries. In spring, the little freshlings frolic happily. But it is especially nice when deer and fallow deer reach within a few meters – they live freely within the zoo.

Of course, animals also live on the district farm in Sahlkamp. Pigs, goats, ponies, sheep and cats are at home here. Children have a lot of fun taking care of the animals, feeding them and of course petting them. Vaulting, campfire, cooking? Everything in the program!

Nature trails – not boring at all

Modern educational trails are also exciting for children. How about the Moving stones? On the almost 6 km long circular path you can sort stones, enjoy great and surprising views, find giant pollen or blow sand. Start is in Oegenbostel or Bennemühlen. More information here.

The 4 km long can be done by bike or on foot Landscape art path explore at Ronnenberg and Empelde. It is also designed as a circular route. Here you can take a look through one of the huge landscape windows, take a break from singing, occupy the animal sofa, watch yaks and listen to sounds from the tree. Information at www.ronnenberg.de.

Star gazing

The Volkssternwarte Hanover-Linden invites you to watch the sky on Thursdays from 8 p.m. If no clouds obscure the view, many a star can be discovered through the telescopes. More information at www.sternwarte-hannover.de.

How is a piano built??

What does a piano actually look like from the inside and how does a sound arise in it? Children and their parents experience this in the Bechstein Center with the small piano makers.

Another trip!

Go ahead Peine! The SchokoLand does not require admission and there is a great educational trail in the Herzbergwald. A bath in Lake Eixer could also be on the plan.

You can also go hiking in the Deister. They are a particularly beautiful goal Wennigser water wheels!

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