Happy birthday, baby! Tips for the first children’s birthday

first birthday to make something very special.

First birthday – a feast for babies and families

It is never too late to celebrate – and not too early either. If you should think that an infant with twelve months does not even notice that this day is his special day, you have been wrong. Even the little ones are happy when they take center stage – and they feel it very well. You do not have to do any great effort. On the contrary: less is more there too. Rather, it is the lovely little things that make the day a festive day, for the baby and for you. The concept of “children’s birthday” is still far too abstract for a child of twelve months. So he doesn’t care what is celebrated. But of course it notices that there is a party and is happy about the special atmosphere on this day.

Especially does not have to mean a lot

Doing something special on this day doesn’t have to mean that it is completely must be different. Being able to pursue your favorite activities in a familiar environment is often the best thing for a new year-old. First of all, this first children’s birthday is a special event for you as parents, because it is a significant turning point:

looking back on an eventful year in every respect

the pride in how the baby developed

the joy of its progress

Small children – small celebration

Of course it is a matter of honor for you as parents to make the first children’s birthday particularly beautiful. And it’s very easy. The only thing you have to do is think about what the birthday child really likes. A huge festival with many guests and mountains of gifts would be quite overwhelming for a one year old child. The child also has enough time for large parties later in life. Rather, it is important to try to keep to the baby’s usual daily rhythm, for example to send all guests home at 7 p.m. so that your child can process the day’s experiences in peace before you put him to bed.

Which guests – and how many?

The same applies to guests: less is better. Mom and Dad are the most important caregivers anyway, and the greatest joy you give your child is if you devote a lot of time and attention to them. Too many guests – grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, mom’s friends with children, the neighbors – and the associated volume and unrest can overwhelm the little protagonist of the day. With this sensory overload, the good mood quickly turns into excitement. The well-known rule “as many children”s birthday guests as years of life” is a very good guideline, whether it is the favorite playmate from the crawling group or the godmother for the first birthday. If nevertheless all relatives absolutely want to celebrate the birthday child, our tip: stretch the festival over the day or maybe even distribute the celebrations and visits over a few days.

What about presents?

In principle, gifts are something nice, but for the first birthday there should be at most a few and selected things. The more gifts sprinkle on your child, the faster they are overwhelmed and cannot enjoy the individual gift at all. But if the relatives absolutely want to bring a “real” gift, here are some tips on what is suitable for a one-year-old baby.

Ten matching gift tips for your first birthday:



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