Happy birthday

The birthday is and remains the most personal holiday of the year. Again you get a year older and celebrate the beginning of the new year with good friends and relatives. Not only are beautiful gifts presented, but many congratulations are also conveyed, which are in congratulation cards, Birthday cards, Speeches or also be expressed personally. Of course, it always depends on what birthday it is. So the mother’s 50th birthday will surely be celebrated on a large scale, while the 27th birthday will take place in a small, cozy atmosphere. According to the occasion, the loving birthday wishes should also turn out, which you design with much joy and heart. It is important that birthday wishes come across honestly and go to the heart. Regardless of whether it is funny lines, rather short and succinct congratulations, or if you create enthusiasm for the recipient with very soulful words – Happy birthday should be unique and extraordinary and wonderfully enhance the festival.

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Happy birthday pictures

Happy birthday

You can congratulate yourself on your birthday in many different ways and thus wonderfully underline your joy and attachment to your anniversary. Anyone who expresses their honest congratulations on their birthday not only shows their sympathy for the recipient, but also wants to give them many kind words in the new year. So you wish the birthday child happiness, health and joy for the future. But with a boring birthday card it is not enough, because beautiful messages should be exceptional and expressive, so that they provide the recipient with emotion and enthusiasm. In order to Your dear birthday wishes So do not go under in the masses of well-wishers, you should write particularly profound and impressive words and then skillfully transmit them. If you have a good connection to the birthday child, it is advisable to express your heartfelt birthday wishes in a speech, for example, or to use them to enhance an individual gift. If you would like to express your birthday wishes to a lesser acquaintance, concise lines in a stylish greeting card will surely be wonderful.

We celebrate today, sing, joke,
celebrate you with all your heart.
Because today’s your birthday
and you are something very special,
we want for life
Give you a lot of lovely wishes.
We are very happy about the festivals,
a lot more about you, of course!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

It doesn’t matter HOW you celebrate your birthday
or WHERE to spend it.
The most important is,
that you have the right people with you,
that will also enrich the future year of life.
We love you and wish you all the best!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We want to sing for you today
and hope it will bring joy:
Do you listen well too?
It’s your birthday today
and all the people are happy.
But it shouldn’t just make the song happy,
but we also love you!
All the best!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today’s not celebrated,
but really celebrated.
And because it’s your birthday today
you are our guest of honor.
Just enjoy this day,
with all the people you like.
We have loved you very much,
now this day is watered.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Many flowers in the meadow,
many days like this,
lots of sun in my heart
and a colorful cake with candles.
Happiness every day,
Life without pests.
Health and also money,
be ordered for you.
I want to give you all this
and think of you.
I still have to say about my birthday,
live happily every day.
unknown author

Three angels may accompany you
throughout your lifetime;
and the three angels I mean,
unknown author

I would like to wish you all the best, health and happiness for the new year. May all guardian angels always be by your side in the new year.
unknown author

Open and honest, stay as you are,
no matter how everything is about you!
Trust it every day,
that you are loved,
that you like you.
Good luck and happiness,
lots of laughs and jokes,
I wish you
all my heart!
All good wishes for your birthday!
unknown author

Enjoy your life –
every moment there will only be one!
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

I wish you health and happiness,
today is your day and we celebrate it.
From early in the morning until late at night
is eaten, sung, danced and laughed.
You should get gifts too,
that’s why we came here!
It comes from the heart when I tell you:
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Dear …, today we celebrate your birthday! You must have waited impatiently for this day. I wish you happiness, cheerfulness, joy and loyal friends by your side. Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Colorful flowers on the table,
a gift from me for you.
A card and a greeting,
because what I have to tell you.
Every day in life is important,
therefore always live correctly.
Don’t be stubborn or stubborn,
because pure life,
has so much to offer you,
that’s why we celebrate,
your day of honor today,
because everyone likes you.
You should stay as you are,
I wanted to write that to you.
unknown author

I say my heart’s heart lies,
are not pulled by the hair.
May bad days show up: You may never take it by the collar!
unknown author

We congratulate on the cradle festival
and wish good luck and numerous guests.
Happy round and fun that you like,
it will definitely be a special day.
unknown author

Good luck, courage, satisfaction
for your entire lifetime
That the sun always laughs for you
I wish that and much more.
unknown author

Good luck for your birthday,
always forward, never back,
little work quite a lot of money
great trips around the world,
feel healthy every day,
play six correct numbers in the lottery,
now and then a glass of wine,
then you will always be happy.
After a congratulation, I feel like it.
I congratulate and all the best.
All signs of life,
have very special times.
Who uses them sensibly with momentum,
he stays 100 years young!
unknown author

I wish you all the best for your birthday! You can start planning your new year today! May all your dreams come true! Good health, happiness and nice encounters in the coming year!
unknown author

On your day of honor, I wish you five thousand three hundred fireflies, nine hundred and thirty butterflies, two and a half million sunbeams and five dozen fresh breezes that surround you and give you pleasure! Happy Birthday.
unknown author

The very best wishes for your birthday
we will send you from afar, we hope,
that you will raise your glass with us from afar.
unknown author

I wish you:
Joy every day,
an angel in every way,
a light in every darkness
and a person who loves you,
because you deserve it!
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Birthday Congratulations

Many people want to celebrate their personal anniversary with many relatives and friends, sum up the past year and look forward to the future with great anticipation. In addition to lovely gifts, birthday congratulations are particularly in demand today. With nice wishes, you just show how happy you are for the birthday child and you send many warm and profound words into the new year. According to the size of the occasion, the loving ones also fall Birthday wishes out. For example, one would like to convey particularly impressive lines to the brother at the age of majority and present them in front of many guests present in a speech. The beloved grandma, on the other hand, who prefers to celebrate her day of honor in a small group, is happy about very succinct and intimate words from her loved ones. You can bet on very funny lines or congratulate in a very classic way. Young people are usually happy about modern birthday congratulations with pepp or are enthusiastic about cool quotes that can also be combined with your heartfelt wishes.

A dear greeting comes flying to you,
because it’s your birthday today.
It is connected with the wishes for
the best health and long life.
unknown author

Happiness, health, good luck in your job – we wish you all that for your birthday. We hope that you are always as happy as today. Realize all your dreams in the coming year! All the best!
unknown author

I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart,
that you look back on joyful things.
I sincerely wish you love,
and that joy would remain forever,
I wish you health and a long life,
and that you recognize what others are giving you.
I wish you satisfaction with you,
these are my birthday wishes here.
unknown author

We want to move dark clouds and show you,
that we love you.
unknown author

On a very special day
a very special greeting
to a very special person,
which I have especially in my heart.
unknown author

I sincerely wish you that all your dreams come true. The warmest congratulations on the birthday of …
unknown author

I wish you all the best and happy birthday! Feel pressed and kissed. Enjoy your day of honor.
unknown author

Survive! Love! laugh!
Do this
your new year for a festival,
that lets you celebrate your life.
It should be the new year of life
be even better like it was old!
The very best birthday wishes from …

Happy Birthday! Don’t look back, enjoy your new year of life! I wish you 12 months of joy, 52 weeks of sunshine and 365 days without any problems. Good luck and satisfaction in every second!
unknown author

Many people have birthdays,
someone special
has today.
I think of you
and am with you –
and birthday
I congratulate you!
unknown author

Love, happiness and sunshine
should always be your companion.
My best wishes on your Birthday!
unknown author

I wish you a happy new year for your birthday! I congratulate you warmly! Happiness and health should also accompany you in your new year of life. I’m looking forward to seeing you again!
unknown author

Sunshine and good times
should accompany the new year of life.
Health, joy and money
then it’s wonderful in the world.
unknown author

I wish you by hand and mouth
and from the bottom of my heart:
Be happy always
in the newly started year of life!
unknown author

I wish you the best for your cradle party. Stay happy, healthy, satisfied – just as we love you!
unknown author

Sun in the heart
and friends for life –
that should give you next year!
unknown author

Love, happiness and no worries,
Health, courage for today and tomorrow.
I wish all of this to the festival,
only the best for you, of course!
unknown author

Best wishes for the birthday of …! So on into the next few years with verve and drive and lots of strength,
to master everyday life successfully.
unknown author

A thousand colorful butterflies
only wish you good things.
today is a special day,
where you only want to be given good things.
unknown author

Another year is over, once again it is time. Today you are already celebrating your … birthday and I would like to congratulate you most warmly. May you have a very, very nice and great birthday. Let yourself be celebrated very big and
give you plenty of presents. I sincerely wish you …
unknown author

wishes for birthday

People are happy to spend their personal day of honor with many friends and family members. The birthday child is usually not at all about the great gifts that the guests are giving them, but rather about the genuine joy that is given to them by means of beautiful wishes for birthday is expressed. Dear grandma, mom, the best buddy or the friendly neighbors – many people express their heartfelt wishes to the anniversary celebrant on his big day, hand over stylish congratulation cards or give a profound speech that creates great enthusiasm. Birthday wishes should be unique and impressive, so that they go to the heart quickly and stay in the recipient’s memory for a long time. So it is worth investing a little time and joy and composing an original birthday message that does not exist again. A boring "Happy Birthday!" Is out. Better are expressive lines with charm and style. Whether funny, short, modern or particularly emotional – unusual wishes for a birthday are always well received and enjoyable.

The good times are past,
now a new year is ready.
We wish you on your route
all the best from the heart.
Always look ahead and never look back,
stay healthy, enjoy happiness.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The day you were born
we swore one thing:
No matter what happens,
every birthday is celebrated!
And today we’re sitting here
and celebrate this day with you!
May you always be happy in life,
full of sunshine every day!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You get older, so what?!
You are happy and healthy.
So let’s water the age today
and enjoy this day in peace.
We wish you at all times
always joy, happiness and joy!
Cheers to the birthday boy,
on the year of life that starts now.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

When birthday joy beckons,
you can have a drink,
for example alcohol.
So I hope the bottle
surprise the recipient.
And my wish is: Very good!
unknown author

My best wishes on your Birthday! I hope that you have many wonderful moments with nice people in the new year. I wish you a lot of optimism, fun adventures and just luck.
unknown author

Good luck for your birthday! Have an unforgettable party, look forward to great gifts! I wish you nice encounters, unforgettable adventurers and optimism in every second! Congratulations!
unknown author

Who smiles three times in the morning,
never frowns at noon,
in the evening sings that everything sounds,
it will be a hundred years old.

For my birthday I wish you all the best – good luck and health! I would also like to thank you for our longstanding friendship. I wish you to fulfill all your wishes this year!
unknown author

I wish you to the cradle festival
all the best with all my heart,
and also – that’s very clear:
a happy new year!
The very best birthday wishes from …

The birthday is always a special day. Spend it with your friends and family. For your new year of life, I wish you happiness, cheerfulness, joy and many wonderful moments. Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Good luck and many blessings
on all your ways,
Health and cheerfulness
be there too.
unknown author

Wander through joyfully and cheerfully
your life year after year,
happiness is your companion,
your heaven eternally clear.
The warmest congratulations on your birthday …

Brave life
with a lot of joy and energy.
And if a cloud comes
remember –
the sun never disappears!
unknown author

Our thoughts are with you with one
warm birthday greetings and
best wishes for your future life.
unknown author

I wish you a great party,
and always the best – always the best.
Health, happiness, job success,
everything always works perfectly.
I wish that you achieve your goals
now there are few or many.
I wish you strength to do everything
and motivation to pick yourself up.
Do it, then it will succeed
and bring you long-term success.
unknown author

I came with flowers today,
because I heard,
that today is your birthday
and you miss me very much.
So I don’t just want to think of you,
but also give something beautiful.
May your life be always cheerful,
always funny and full of sunshine.
No storm and no rain,
all the best, on your ways.
unknown author

I congratulate! And I’m very happy,
because this congratulation is not difficult for me:
The old swing is always preserved!
Then life is fun; then you stay young!
unknown author

For your birthday I wish that spring, autumn and summer become one. They should bring you the brightest sun rays, the most vivid colors and the most beautiful flowers. I wish you all the best!
unknown author

Many greetings fly to you,
because it’s your birthday today.
Catch them and remember,
that you have friends who think of you
and wish you all the best.
unknown author

We all have many wishes.
The small and humble,
whose fulfillment is within reach.
The big and high-spirited,
for which we save and wait and hope.
To be able to enjoy the fulfillment of the small and the large,
I wish you one thing:
Stay healthy and be happy,
then everything is possible.
unknown author

Happy Birthday!

It is certainly not that difficult to express one’s honest birthday wishes to someone, but if they are really to be unique and unforgettable, then a little creativity and time should be invested in the design of a dear wish. "Happy Birthday!“Although it sounds nice and may be meant honestly, it will not cause great feelings and tears of joy. A simple “Happy Birthday!” May be enough for a less known person, but not for the best friend or dear father who is celebrating his 60th birthday. This is where words with meaning and expressive character come from, as you can find them below, for example. Feel free to use our little injection of inspiration and get a few suggestions on how a congratulation can be wonderfully decorated and original. Be sure to go into the personality of the recipient and try to design very personal and individual lines. There are many different variants and styles of congratulations that can be used for cards, speeches or dedications.

You’re full today,
because we all love you!
Want to bring you presents,
dance, laugh, sing with you.
Would also like to lift the glasses
to your great life.
We stay at all times
good friends on your side ’!
The best congratulations for you from us!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We’re leaving work today,
the boss who says it’s fine.
Because on this jubilee day
we celebrate, no question!
You with your (…) year
are our superstar today!
You should enjoy the day today
and happily water the birthday.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I would like to congratulate you on your birthday. It is a really special occasion! Your birthday must be a day of sunshine! I wish you all the best and love!
unknown author

Congratulation! Every day in life
be surrounded by happiness and splendor;
everything is cheerful all around
and so on and so on!
unknown author

After all, everyone gets older,
but one thing applies in any case:
All lifetimes
have very special sides.
Who uses them sensibly with momentum,
he stays a hundred years young.

My short wishes are
a good thing
today for the birthday child:
Survive! Love! laugh!
Friedrich Morgenroth

Well, that would be laughed at,
we also thought of you.
We congratulate with birthday wishes,
Health happiness and sunshine –
may be your constant companions!
unknown author

Best wishes and best wishes for your birthday
we will send you from afar, we hope,
that you will raise your glass with us from afar.
unknown author

The most beautiful, best lot on earth
Should be given to you today:
Health, happiness, money and good,
Satisfaction and joyful courage!
unknown author

Every day in this life
is given to you only once,
just like every year,
that was once.
But a year has many days,
full of trouble, full of pest,
full of joy and happiness.
Think back in love!
Remain true to your principle,
enjoy every day anew!
Live consciously and joyfully your life,
it is given to you only once!
Best wishes for your birthday!
unknown author

I wish you for your birthday:
Only good things, come to my door.
Any way, anytime,
May God’s blessing be your guide!

It’s your birthday today,
I congratulate you.
And because I like you so much,
I’ll send you this card here.
unknown author

Good luck, courage, satisfaction
for your entire lifetime
That the sun always laughs for you
I wish that and much more.
unknown author

Driven by need,
a person we love,
for the birthday,
we could in many ways
show that we like you very much,
but we wish luck and blessings
warmly to you with this rhyme.
You should be happy and happy.
Many good years to come.
Happy Birthday, live up!
unknown author

I wish you to learn,
that you get what you want.
Not just for my birthday,
gifts should be given to you,
no, you should eat yourself every day
of the diverse gifts.
Life has a lot in store for you,
to discover it, open your ears,
open your eyes and look,
for you there is joy every day.
unknown author

There are many birthday wishes:
The one wishes you all goals,
that you set out to do,
next year.
The next one wishes you health,
and welfare and pleasure.
And luck, of which you should also have
as much as you can take.
But what should my wish be now??
Health, happiness and on top of that
what you may wish for yourself.
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

But today we don’t want to cry,
but make you happy with this greeting!
Today is your birthday, everything else doesn’t matter,
that’s why we tell you all the best, for the XXth time!
unknown author

All the best and love for this special occasion! May good friends always accompany you! I wish you to spend the beautiful day with your family and friends. Presents are waiting for you!
unknown author

Congratulations birthday

If you are invited to a big birthday, it is, of course, good manners to have a few loving and honest congratulations in your luggage. Of course, it depends on who the birthday child is and how you relate to him. For example, dear wishes for superiors are somewhat shorter and more tactful than birthday wishes for the humorous sister, which are rather upbeat and amusing. On the one hand, with congratulations, you show your enthusiasm for this special occasion, on the other hand, you would like to send the jubilee a lot of nice lines into the new year and wish him a rosy and happy future. Congratulations can be communicated verbally, paired with a handshake or a lovely hug, but also in greeting cards, a speech or digital message. The advantage of written requests is that they can be kept for a long time and always remind you of this special day and the author. We show you how our congratulations on birthday celebrations, cards and speeches can be very expressive and with heart. Come with us and find out, how congratulations birthday can make congratulations of all kinds impressively something really special and original.

I’m doing my time today
and write you a nice card.
Because your birthday is now here,
I congratulate you, it’s clear!
I wish you a cradle party
only the best of all wishes!
Stay happy and fit
and take the best regards with you.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today I want to greet you,
Sweeten your beautiful day.
I wish you for the future
all love now and here!
May you be in the future too
such a bright sunshine.
I love you and I’m happy
to lift my glass only on you!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

There are many guests
that day all year round.
They express their wishes
and give you a lot of applause.
And I say in no time
HAPPY BIRTHDAY just for you!
Let’s really let it rip,
let’s celebrate and laugh too.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The champagne is already cold,
because you are (…) years old.
And everyone who knows you somehow,
come to this big event today.
Today we all have fun
and really step on the gas.
We celebrate you and wish you
all the best now and here!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

… Years here on earth,
that has to be celebrated!
You are a rarity,
a unique piece with quality.
A good vintage does not age.
The quality that it promises,
should continue to develop fully
and hold at least to 100.
All the best for your … birthday!
unknown author

We wish you from the bottom of my heart
good luck and stay healthy!
unknown author

Sing three birds on a branch,
they should bring you three wishes.
The first wish at all times,
Health, joy and happiness.
The second wish, very clear and simple,
good luck in the new year.
The third Wish it should on earth,
what you want to be fulfilled.
unknown author

Gifts, wine and bouquet
or the delicious birthday feast.
Unfortunately we cannot enjoy today,
don’t let this spoil your day.
Even if we can’t give you our times
You know that we think of you very kindly today.
unknown author

The sun is shining, the birds are singing,
as if you wanted to serenade you.
We join in this wonderful choir,
with a lot of zest and humor.
We’ll sing Happy Birthday for you,
we warmly congratulate you!
unknown author

Have a wonderful day with the family! Start the new year with fun. Be certain that we are thinking of you. From a distance we send you warm wishes for this special day. All the best!
unknown author

Roses are in your life
sprinkled abundantly on the way,
should shine around you,
for happiness and joy.
unknown author

I will give you a birthday,
a paper kite.
I will give you roses and carnations,
they should never wither.
I’ll give you a cake house,
you should never seek happiness.
Love and satisfaction too,
for your entire lifetime.
unknown author

What you want yourself, I wish you! May all your wishes come true and happiness and satisfaction accompany you in your new year.
unknown author

Sun, moon and stars,
everything is far away.
But what I wish for you is very close,
a happy healthy new year of life!
unknown author

I wish you the best for the new year! May all your wishes come true.
unknown author

A warm birthday greeting should tell you,
that we are far away,
but still think of you.
unknown author

Full of happiness and sunshine
should be your birthday today.
And besides, be wonderful
your whole new year of life!
unknown author

Recipe for a happy year:
Take some luck,
a piece of love too,
Patience and some time,
Success and satisfaction.
The whole thing stirred well
leads to long life.

I wish you the best of luck on your birthday,
how the rain has drops,
as much love as the sun has rays
and so much joy,
like the sky has stars.
unknown author

I wish you
a smile in the eyes,
a smile on the face.
And never forget,
No matter how hard it is,
that you are very special.
The very best birthday wishes from …
unknown author

Birthday wishes

Who is not happy about happy birthday wishes from friends, relatives and acquaintances? Every stylish congratulation card, every personal greeting, every WhatsApp message is fun and shows the great sympathy and solidarity of dear people. Especially when Birthday wishes are designed in a particularly unusual and original way they remain in the memory for a long time and continue to generate great enthusiasm years later. It is therefore important to take a little time and create birthday wishes that are really unique and impressive. The birthday child should definitely be mentioned and no superficial and general phrases should be written. Personal lines should never be missing from a card or message. You can do this according to your personal taste and preference Design your birthday wishes do. Perhaps you would like to make a very funny speech, respond to meaningful birthday poems, stir tears with very soulful lines, convey very cool words or more child-friendly wishes. Tailor your birthday wishes to the recipient and create great joy and enthusiasm.

For your entire lifetime
a lot of joy, fun and joy.
And love should never be missing,
just like happiness and harmony.
And stay healthy at all times,
always have friends on the side.
We really want a lot
beautiful goals in life.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Oh what a great joy
because it’s your birthday today!
That’s why we all congratulate,
Bombard you with wishes.
Because on this beautiful day
everyone who likes you comes.
All the best just for you,
we love you, don’t forget that!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Once you were sitting in Mama’s lap
and today you’re really big.
Time is running out, that’s true,
Another year has passed.
But you shouldn’t despair,
Better dare you into the fray.
Because there are many guests waiting
to you at this great festival!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

It’s a wonderful day,
a year has passed.
The new is now being celebrated
and congratulate from the bottom of my heart.
Cheers to the birthday child,
for a life with tailwind!
Happy Birthday!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We wholeheartedly wish you,
that you are always well,
You realize your goals and dreams,
You master all the pitfalls of life
and that you always stay true to yourself!
Best wishes for (…). birthday!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Every day brings a new little happiness:
the sunbeam on the sofa,
the cozy purring cat,
the smell of coffee in the kitchen.
You just have to discover it.
So you are satisfied and healthy in body and soul.
unknown author

Even if we cannot be with you,
we have not forgotten your birthday.
We congratulate warmly and wish you
the very best of health and a long life!
unknown author

We wish you neither money nor good,
so much that it does enough.
We don’t wish you a galaxy,
because you will never need them.
We do not wish you a flight to the moon,
because nobody lives there yet.
We do not wish you to win the lottery;
because too much money confuses the mind.
We do not wish you a balloon ride;
otherwise you will fly away from us.
We don’t wish you a jaguar;
it drives too fast, puts you in danger.
We do not wish you a luxury ship;
otherwise you’ll be stranded on a reef.
But health – yes, we wish that,
it will stay with you until the end.
We wish you for all time –
the nice feeling of satisfaction.
The very best birthday wishes from …..

Today we celebrate your beautiful day of honor! Don’t waste any time in the new year, instead work on realizing your dreams! A lot of optimism, sunshine and just luck! Congratulations!
unknown author

Love and the juice of the vines –
enjoy them a lifetime.
We wish you all the best for your birthday!
unknown author

We all know what we have in you, even if we don’t always say it. But what would we be without you, do not forget it, we need you.
unknown author

… Years are worth it,
that you are especially honored.
That is why we want to tell you today,
it’s nice that we have you!
The years are over,
not all of them were carefree.
But with courage and strength
you did everything well!
unknown author

With all my heart I wish you all the best for your special day. Today you start your new year of life – I hope that it is really unforgettable. I warmly congratulate you on this occasion!
unknown author

Today you start your new year of life. On this occasion I wish you all the best. I hope that this year brings many nice encounters, unforgettable adventures and success in the job.
unknown author

A thousand colorful butterflies
only wish you good things.
today is a special day,
where you only want to be given good things.
unknown author

Today is your jubilee day on which you may enjoy.
With flowers, gifts and cake, very special sweetness,
we send you the very best birthday greetings.
unknown author

On this your jubilee day
I ask you a question:
What is more important in life?
Health, happiness and wise pursuit?
Or maybe the little yacht,
the one moored in the harbor,
rocking wants to discover the sea
Sniff freedom, without fear?
I wish you to connect it:
Find satisfaction in everyday life,
healthy and relaxed,
and everything in moderation.
unknown author

The sun should shine for you today
The sky is said to hang full of violins
The little bird will sing a song to you
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Worth knowing and information about birthday wishes

The birthday is one of the most important holidays in a person’s life. Unlike Christmas or the turn of the year, when everyone celebrates and celebrates the day at the same time, the birthday is a very personal day of honor. The jubilee invites friends and acquaintances who, together with him, say goodbye to the old year and water the next with joy and confidence.

Birthdays were celebrated thousands of years ago. Large celebrations were held and wonderful birthday wishes were conveyed to many of the guests present, for example in ceremonial speeches or in writing. Even then, profound congratulations were more valuable than expensive gifts. The birthday child was sent into the new year of life with wonderful words, so to speak, and was given courage, strength, health and happiness. In addition, the loving lines should also call protective spirits, which should always accompany the recipient in life. Even today, many people rely on great wishes for their birthday and want to express their joy on the one hand, and on the other hand express heartfelt wishes for the future. But what are the options for skillfully and stylishly conveying congratulations??

  • Birthday cards
  • Speeches and birthday speeches
  • Digital messaging services such as SMS and WhatsApp

Birthday cards

The best known and most common way to express someone’s honest birthday wishes is a greeting card. Since the jubilee certainly receives a lot of loving cards, it is important to write his lines in a particularly unusual and impressive way. With boring, generally valid formulations, you will certainly not be well received today, so it is worth spending a little time and creativity in Creation of an original birthday card to invest with expressiveness. Of course, it also depends on what birthday it is. A round birthday or the celebration of legal age, for example, is always something very special, which should be congratulated with impressive and first-class lines. There are many different ways to express your enthusiasm and dear wishes for the anniversary. Maybe funny words are well received or you are happy about a thoughtful birthday poem, which you combine with your personal wishes. If it is still a young birthday child, then it should rather be on child-friendly lines. So it is important to have the mentality and character of the recipient at the Design of birthday cards and birthday cards involved and to write his congratulations accordingly.

Speeches and birthday speeches

Often really good friends and close family members of the jubilee want to give a nice speech and convey their dear wishes to all guests and of course the birthday boy himself. In doing so, they show how much they feel connected and the importance of the present festival. A Birthday speech and speech can be designed very concise and concise, but also very intimate and emotional. The recipient of the message should recognize himself 100 percent and should know that this speech was made exclusively for him. If you want to give a great birthday speech to your best friend or partner, try to include anecdotal poems for your birthday or past experiences. For example, integrate a suitable quote, funny birthday sayings, beautiful birthday poems or come she with very humorous lines. It is important that the message is well received and understood. The jubilee should be enthusiastic and maybe even shed a tear of joy.

Digital messaging services such as SMS and WhatsApp

Who doesn’t know that: At exactly midnight, the smartphone beeps continuously because many dear friends and relatives send their favorite birthday wishes with beautiful WhatsApp messages. Even people with whom you normally have little contact post or write a few nice lines on Facebook a short birthday SMS, to congratulate on the personal jubilee day. Digital intelligence services are used millions of times today and are hard to imagine. So it is a nice opportunity to express someone’s honest wishes and thus share their joy and sympathy. If you are not present at the big celebration, for example, you can quickly write an original WhatsApp for your birthday, that you can even decorate with music, emoticons or matching pictures. Of course you should Birthday wishes via SMS, WhatsApp and Co. are written in a particularly meaningful and impressive way, so that they go to the heart quickly and remain in the memory for a long time.

Happy birthday to family, friends, acquaintances and co.

No matter whose personal jubilee day is imminent – it is part of the good tone to express congratulations to the jubilee and thus express his joy. Of course, it always depends on the relationship and the relationship with the recipient, how intimate and painstakingly birthday wishes are designed.

  • Congratulations to a family member
  • Congratulations to close friends
  • Congratulations to colleagues and superiors

Congratulations to a family member

Of course fall happy birthday to the mother, father or grandson always particularly intimate and loving. You not only show your genuine joy, but also want to express your love and attachment to the recipient. Regardless of whether you do this in writing, give a nice speech or enhance the great gift with your profound words – wishes for the birthday of people close to you always come from the bottom of your heart and should cause great feelings for the birthday child. It is simply particularly important for the jubilee to spend his day of honor with many loved ones, to look back on the past year with them and to look forward to the coming with joy.

Congratulations to close friends

For many people, close friends are part of the family. You spend a lot of time together, sharing joy and sorrow. Therefore fall Birthday congratulations from friends similarly profound as that of family members. Friends know the personality and character of the jubilee very well and can therefore search for suitable lines of congratulations. A good friend’s birthday card should always stand out from the rest of the written congratulations and should be very special. So the dear wishes should be very expressive and extraordinary, the message for the recipient should cause emotions and palpitations. Show all guests in a stylish speech that you are the best friend of the anniversary and convey heartfelt wishes for the future, in which you will continue to play an important role.

Congratulations to colleagues and superiors

You spend a lot of your life at work and, of course, you have one or the other colleague in the heart of the many years of cooperation. It goes without saying that you send him a few nice words for his birthday and give him the very best wishes for the future. Birthday cards are wonderful among colleagues


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