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Tooth corrections with the Harmonie ® rail

In addition to the classic orthodontic treatment with removable devices (see Bionator), we offer an almost invisible correction option for adults and in connection with minor to medium tooth position problems in the upper or lower anterior region

The big advantage of this jaw correction is its discretion. Invisible like contact lenses, you can wear the splint all day (see pictures below) as it is barely visible in the mouth. This ensures a fast treatment success.

Fig.1: Teeth with and without harmony splint

This way, even people at work, with customer contact or private obligations can correct their teeth without any major losses.

The transparent splint, which you can easily put on and take off (for example, to brush your teeth or eat) and that barely hinders you from speaking, will not catch your fellow human being.

What stands out, however, is the later result of straight and beautiful teeth. Examples:

Fig.2: Result before and after harmony rail

Initial and final findings in a 72-year-old patient from our practice:

Fig. 3: Supervision of lower jaw starting position (left) and final result (right)

Fig. 4: Front view of the initial position (left) and the final result (right)

The impression of the initial tooth position (left) was taken on 01.04.2009. Already half a year later (16.09.2009) we achieved an appealing result for the patient (right).


After detailed diagnosis, X-rays and consultation, the goal of the treatment is determined together with you: Straight, attractive and healthy teeth, which are optimized in their position so that you feel well again.
In a special laboratory, the impressions are then transferred into small steps of movement and converted into plastic rails. These splints transfer the “programmed” small steps of movement to your teeth until you reach the optimal position with you.

At the cost:

Since this is a pure private service, all our patients receive a private treatment and cost plan. This should be submitted by all patients, depending on the type of supplementary or private insurance, to determine whether you need to receive a grant or fund it out of pocket.

For more information, please contact our reception (where you will receive the corresponding information leaflet) or go directly to www.HarmonieSchiene.de.

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