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Our opinion: Racer S from Hartan

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The Racer S from Hartan is equipped with air chamber tires, which promises maintenance-free and puncture-free driving. This model seems to be similar to the Topline S. However, since it was criticized in many ways years ago, the manufacturer of the Racer S seems to have concentrated on optimizing some details.

The result is an easy-to-use folding mechanism and a soft top that does not cause any annoying noises.

The smooth-running, robust model with a practical folding mechanism

It seems that the Hartan manufacturer has put a lot of emphasis on producing a combi stroller according to the standards that is solid and light at the same time. The aluminum frame makes the car light and robust, the axle connection is reliable, the ball-bearing wheels offer smooth running and the folding mechanism is easy to use.

Front double swivel wheels can be locked

In addition to the front double swivel wheels, which can be locked, the manufacturer Hartan relies on similar, partly identical components:

The air chambers in the front wheels make them maintenance and breakdown-free. They are individually sprung, as is the case with the rear wheels and have to get around in the city you one small diameter to be more agile.

The Racer S can be combined with a combination, soft or folding bag and thus used from birth.

How big the lying areas of the individual carrier bags are, you can unfortunately do not refer to the manufacturer’s information.

Good workmanship

The slide has a positive weight: the height can be adjusted, it is ergonomically shaped and equipped with PVC-free soft handles.

Typical for the manufacturer, but not very popular, is the relatively heavy weight of about 14.4 kg as a buggy and a good 13 kg as a stroller. Parents therefore found the models to be very solidly built, but also difficult to handle in city life. Finally, the folding dimensions of 55cm x 87cm x 62cm speak for the Racer S. So it should fit in any trunk.


Ultimately, the Hartan is definitely one of the robust and flexible combi strollers 2017. Nevertheless, this solidly built stroller comes up with a comparatively large number of kilos, which could disturb one or the other if it is lifted or carried repeatedly. Otherwise he scores with us through the optimized folding mechanism and low noise. The price in online shops such as Amazon or in specialist shops is around 420 euros.


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