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Updated on: November 21, 2019

The Hartan Topline S in the test. When it comes to choosing a suitable stroller, you will soon find that you are faced with a large and varied selection. It can be quite difficult to find a stroller with all the suitable and, above all, necessary properties. But with the Hartan stroller you have exactly this one stroller .

The Topline S from Hartan is a versatile combination stroller, as it should be, and leaves nothing to be desired. The stroller frame is made of light and, above all, robust aluminum. Thanks to its swiveling wheels, it is absolutely flexible and manoeuvrable advantageous for shopping tours through narrow aisles.

Hartan Topline S experiences

For straight and flat routes you can use the swiveling wheels also determine individually. Due to its adjustable handle, it is ideal for large and small people. The Handle height vary By simply pushing the handle up or down.

You can easily move the handle to the other page pan so that your child can have a view of you or explore the big wide world. The safety of the little ones is ensured by one padded 5-point harness ensures which is firmly integrated in the seat unit.

In addition, a belly bar provides further security, which can also be used as a fastening for a toy. So that your child optimal seating comfort can enjoy is that Softly padded seat unit. The adjustable backrest allows you to bring your child to the lying position so that they can take a nap on longer trips.

Of course, the Hartan Topline S also comes with one adjustable footrest with, which is adjustable in height and extendable and thus grows with the child. You can optimally adjust the suspension on your S model for a wide variety of surfaces.

Another advantage is the shoe-friendly Parking brake with Wippmatic, since it is operated by hand. There is also a large shopping basket on the trolley, which you can load with up to 5 kg. If your baby has fallen asleep, you can adjust the hood completely silently so that your child cannot be disturbed by light or wind.

The dimensions of the Topline S

  • when folded 104 x 40 cm in the length
  • Assembled dimension 106 cm wide, 74-114 cm (depending on the setting)
  • Weight: 14.8-15.4 kg, depending on whether you use the stroller as a stroller or a sports stroller

The advantages at a glance

  • Height adjustable slider

  • Canopy silently adjustable
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Lockable swivel wheels
  • Air chamber wheels
  • reversible handle
  • Removable and adjustable seat unit
  • PVC-free soft handles
  • Padded 5-point belt
  • Out protection
  • Climates-top
  • Height-adjustable telescopic footrest
  • Multi-adjustable backrest
  • Spacious mesh basket
  • Inc. rain hood
  • umbrella holder
  • Hand brake that protects the shoes
  • UV-Protect 50+ fabrics
  • Sports cover washable at 30 degrees

Additional extras on request

  1. LED lighting
  2. Car Seat Adapter
  3. parasol
  4. soft case
  5. Kombitasche

  6. folding carrycot
  7. Summer and winter footmuff
  8. bed linen
  9. Diaper bag
  10. Sheepskin and Polartech footmuff
  11. Winter fur
  12. Softline mattress
  13. Kuschelnest
  14. Awning and mosquito net
  15. windshield
  16. Seat extension
  17. hand warmer
  18. and wheel covers

The station wagon is available in many different colors and designs, so there is something for every taste.

About Hartan

Hartan is one of the strongest stroller brands in Germany. The family-run company going already in the fourth generation, which has made it its duty to meet and guarantee the highest standards of safety, freedom from harmful substances and comfort for prams and pram accessories. Hartan always uses current and fashionable designs as well as practical and comfortable equipment so that your baby can feel completely comfortable and secure.

Further models by Hartan

Of course, Hartan also offers a large selection of other series of strollers with different models and designs. In addition to the Topline Collection, Hartan also has the Buggy iX1, Racer GT such as S, Skater GT, Sky, Topline X, VIP and the Twin ZX II.


If you are looking for the absolute all-rounder among prams, you should go for the Hartan Topline S. In addition to maximum comfort and coziness, it offers the highest standards of security. With its lockable swivel wheels, it adapts to a wide variety of everyday environments and is therefore ideally suited for shopping tours through narrow shops. Thanks to its adjustable suspension, you can use it on flat surfaces and stony paths. The Hartan Topline range is simple perfect for use anywhere and adaptable.


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