Hartz iv allowances – income, wealth and old age care

Exemptions or deductions are legally protected amounts that are taken into account when determining the need of help.

In principle, Hartz IV receive basic living support benefits if they cannot cover the everyday costs of living with sufficient income or assets. This creates a need for help, which is compensated for when the application is made through needs-based control services. The amount of the benefits are determined on the basis of so-called standard requirements, taking into account the allowances and deductible amounts of the applicant.

The allowances or deductions include:

  1. Exemption for employment
  2. Fortune basic allowance
  3. Private pensions
  4. Employer-funded pension

1. Allowances for gainful employment

When receiving unemployment benefit II, income from employment is counted towards the basic security. beneficiaries to get So less money from your job center, since the need for help is reduced by additional income from the beneficiary. Since employment and the associated independence to cover living expenses are expressly provided for by law, allowances should ensure that beneficiaries also have more money available at the end of the day.

For the Exemption amounts gross income is decisive (income before taxes and duties). Based on this, the following allowances are taken into account:

  • The first 100.00 EUR from earned income are not taken into account (Basic allowance),
  • stay in addition 20% the part of the gross income above EUR 100.00 up to and including EUR 1000.00 is not counted.
  • In addition to the previous allowances 10% from gross wages over EUR 1000.00 not counted up to the upper earnings limit.
  • In the case of beneficiaries without children, the upper limit of earnings is gross income of EUR 1,200.00,
  • for beneficiaries with at least one child at EUR 1,500.00.
Gross amount of earned income 1300 EUR
Basic allowance 100.00 EUR
from 100.01 EUR to 1,000.00 EUR 20% remain free of charge 180.00 EUR
from EUR 1000.01 to EUR 1,200.00, 10% remain without deduction 10.00 EUR
Sum of the allowance 300.00 EUR
Hartz 4 calculator

The Hartz 4 calculator calculates the expected amount of monthly unemployment benefit II payments online.

" target ="_blank">Calculation of eligible income:

Net amount of income 900.00 EUR allowance – EUR 300.00 Eligible income 600.00 EUR

More information about Income credit at Hartz IV reference.

2. Basic property allowance

Taking into account the earmarkedness, the legislator grants numerous allowances, which are the assets in front of the Hartz 4 calculator

The Hartz 4 calculator calculates the expected amount of monthly unemployment benefit II payments online.

The basic allowance for wealth is therefore granted regardless of any purpose. However, the maximum amount of the allowance is limited, which means that the upper limit depends on the year of birth of the ALG II beneficiary:

Persons with date of birth Max. Exemption amount
born before January 1st, 1948 € 33,800
born before January 1st, 1958 € 9,750
born after 31.12.1957 € 9,900
Born after December 31, 1963 € 10,050
minor € 3,100

Further Information about Offsetting assets at Hartz IV reference.

3. Private old-age provision

In addition to the basic property allowance, every person who is capable of work and entitled to benefits is entitled to an additional allowance of EUR 750.00 per completed year of life for private pension provision. requirement this, however, means that the utilization of the system is irrevocably excluded by contract before retirement. In addition, a buy-back, a termination or a loan may not be possible in order to avoid misuse of the Hartz IV benefits. Exclusion of this utilization is sufficient if it is regulated up to the age of 60.

4. Company pension schemes

Company pensions are also free, if only

Employer-financed company pensions are also not subject to deduction for Hartz IV recipients if a disposition before the occurrence of the pension is excluded. Otherwise, these can be consulted for the asset utilization by the cost bearers.


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