Hartz iv and child benefit: parents need to know that, hartz 4 – tips and ways out

Sometimes conditional unemployment and children. Anyone who has children or is a single parent has a difficult job. Difficult to find and difficult to keep. Then a family is more likely to slide into the Hartz IV zone.

How is Hartz 4 child benefit calculated??

Child benefit is primarily there for the children.

First of all: Yes, child benefit is counted towards HartzIV. This means that Hartz IV is reduced through child benefit. It’s actually strange that the state with his left hand Hartz IV child benefit hands out and collects again with the right.

Strictly speaking, and that is important in detail, that Hartz IV child benefit assessed as children’s income. Especially when the children move out or grow up, this little difference can be exciting.

Adult children and child benefit

If you pay attention to the following, the child benefit for parents will not be deducted from Hartz IV:

  • The children get the money to your own account transferred. Or the parents can prove that they are transferring the money to the children.
  • The children, in turn, could receive other government subsidies such as BAFög. Then completely different rules apply than under the Hartz IV legislation.

Child benefit and divorce

In the case of a divorce, it gets very complicated. It should then be borne in mind that Hartz IV child benefit is the children’s income. The parents only manage it. The children always remain entitled to move in as independent persons.

Should I report an error??

Sometimes it happens that the authorities do not calculate the Hartz IV correctly. This happens especially in the complicated combination cases just mentioned. What to do? Reporting the error is highly recommended. Because: Basically, you have to provide information to the authority. If in doubt, you have to pay back the overpaid money. In the worst case, you can even be punished.

If there is undeclared work, it becomes very tight for those involved. Basically, unemployment benefit 2 is not an acquired insurance benefit like unemployment benefit 1. Rather, ALG 2 is a ‘benefit, which is based on the needs of the people. The relevant pages of the offices also point out this difference. Needs that belong to a ‘decent existence’ should be covered with this money. Not more.

Hartz IV, child benefit and additional earnings

It gets even more complicated when the Hartz IV child starts an apprenticeship and receives tuition. This earnings will initially be credited to Hartz IV if it is more than 100 euros. And then also deducted from child benefit if it exceeds a threshold. Sometimes it can make sense to talk to the teacher about lowering the training allowance.

Overall, depending on the thresholds, a waiver of a few euros can significantly increase family benefits.


You should be good for questions about Hartz IV and child benefit seek advice.

  1. Inform yourself first at an independent advice center.
  2. Churches, Caritas and charities are free points of contact. Here you can speak more openly than at the office, which should then pay.
  3. Go first after that to the employment office.

Otherwise you have to study Hartz IV child benefit like a semester of law.


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