“Has nothing to do with revenge”

A blackbird on a gravestone © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

The victims' initiative "Eckiger Tisch" advocates the planned burial of the grave of a priest in Heidenau, Saxony, who is known to have committed several cases of sexual abuse. The spokesman for the initiative explained the reasons.

"It has nothing to do with revenge, if the tribute to the perpetrator is ended and the victim is heard," said the spokesman for the initiative, Matthias Katsch, on Wednesday the portal catholic.de. He called it important and remarkable that the parish changed its official memory and adapted it to the knowledge of the suffering caused.

Also deal with deceased

At the same time, Katsch warned against not dealing with the guilt of deceased perpetrators more out of reverence. The Catholic parish of St. George wants to comprehensively deal with the cases of abuse around pastor Herbert Jungnitsch (1898-1971) and in the course of this "at a suitable time" to level his grave.

Jungnitsch had built up the Heidenau parish after World War II and played a major role in shaping it until his death. According to the pastoral council of the parish, "cases of sexualized and physical violence against at least four children, up to and including severe sexual abuse, are credibly known from this time".

The case is considered one of the most serious in the Dresden-Meissen diocese. The "Sachsische Zeitung" on Tuesday quoted affected persons, according to which presumably at least six more men, all from the community and some in church service, are said to have been involved in the offenses.

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