Hauck combination strollers in direct comparison

Updated on: November 19, 2019

On Hauck combination stroller combines various components: its accessories are suitable for transporting the offspring from infancy to toddler age, thus allowing parents to save a lot of money.

If you choose a stroller, you only have to invest and be able to invest once – the size Of your child accordingly – make the design of the car.

It can easily be converted from a stroller to a sports car. In addition, the trolleys offer you storage space for the baby accessories that you always have to have with you or small purchases. Stability and a relatively low weight ensure that even long distances can be covered relaxed.

You can also use the car very good put in your trunk because the pack size is also pleasantly small. On Hauck combination stroller becomes your daily companion and due to the high quality also a loyal one. Up to kindergarten age, it becomes the ideal means of transportation for young people.

The combination stroller from Hauck

Also known as stroller sets, you get, depending on model, Different accessories: Starting with the baby bath, over the car seat, over a buggy or sports car attachment, up to the shopper cart, you will find the right buggy for your child and his needs.

Hauck’s current range includes the Colt Set, the Condor All in One Set, or the Eagle Soft Trio Set – to name just a few station wagons – which are even available in different colors. Check out the wide range.

Get a matching diaper bag

Efficiency, design, style. These words are not really associated with diaper bags. With this manufacturer, however: Just because you have to carry baby accessories with you doesn’t mean that the bags have to look like them. Diaper bags from Hauck are available in different designs and for every taste.

Modern optics are combined with functionality. Does the lacquer bag suit you, or maybe the quilted bag? Do you prefer smooth and structured leather, or should it be a men’s bag? Hardly recognizable as a diaper bag from the outside, they all offer generous storage compartments, a changing mat and much more. And even with great comfort.

The brand speaks for itself

The Hauck company attaches great importance to offering a wide range of products while at the same time meeting its own high quality standards. The needs of the child are paramount because what is good for the offspring cannot be bad for the parents.

Put to the test

For parents, the quality of the material in a stroller should always be the most important thing. Remember that your child will be in the stroller for a relatively long period of time. So there must be no skin-irritating or even health-endangering substances in the material. In fact, you can only safely buy after seals and awards.

Take your time and look at the exam results. All products are tested at this company. National and international testing institutes, such as TÜV, SGS, LNE and others do control the standard. But it goes even further: Chemical and technical tests are also carried out in order to finally get the well-known GS mark for a product.

The full company awards can be found here. Have you already found the seals of the Hauck prams??


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