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Are you one of those people they say: “He has the heart in the right place”? Or does this vital organ occasionally give you “heartache” from time to time? Then you are in good company, because diseases of the cardiovascular system are at the top of the common diseases. If you make a conscious provision at a young age, it helps you a lot to reduce the risk of illness in old age.

heart pain can be caused by the heart tissue and the vessels. However, severe flatulence or simply dislocations that can have contracted during sleep can also cause heart pain. Remember: "Your heart has a lot to do with your personality", these wise words of a heart specialist from the Berlin Heart Center hit the nail on the head. If you’re excited, then “Your heart beats up to your neck”. In mourning one speaks of “Broken heart”, and lovers know if that “Heart leaps for joy”.

All about the heart, circulation and vessels

Diseases of the cardiovascular system are at the top of the "hit list" of common diseases, according to the evaluations of the Federal Statistical Office. However, a closer look at the numbers shows that the risk of developing an illness increases with age. It doesn’t have to be that way. Conscious prevention at a young age helps to actively reduce the risk of illness.

Pain around the heart can not only be triggered by the heart tissue or by the vessels themselves. Disproportionately often, tilting of the thoracic vertebral joints or irritation of the nerves in the spaces between the ribs lead to pain in the heart region. They can also sit on the side, sometimes behind the heart, and even cause severe pain when inhaled. Severe flatulence can push the heart upwards and affect its functioning; inflammation of the upper abdominal organs can also radiate painfully to the heart region – a pulmonary embolism, very rarely a heart tumor or a tear in the main artery (aneurysm). Hyperthyroidism makes the heart beat faster or, like enlarged lymph nodes, can produce a feeling of lump or a strange pressure in the heart area.

Understand the body

"He has the heart in the right place!"

"You are like a heart and a soul!"

These sayings indicate the close connection between heart and personality, which also includes feelings for one another. The heart is the living motor of the body. A very special one on top of that, because the heart participates attentively in life. If you are excited or put a lot of effort into it, your heart beats “up to your neck”. If you rest or are relaxed inside, it usually calms down and thumps more slowly. But unlike a car engine, the heart is a living organ that is connected to all the senses. It reacts to joy, laughter or being in love (»My heart is racing with joy!») As well as grief and stress (»It almost breaks my heart»). Because it is crucial for the maintenance of vital functions that the heart always functions and that the body is optimally supplied with blood, you cannot make it beat or slow faster or even stop with willpower. So nature primarily ensures the survival of an organism.

The resting pulse

“Measuring the pulse” means counting the beats of the heart per minute by feeling them on an artery (usually on the wrist at the ball of the thumb or on the side of the neck).

If one behaves very calmly, the heart beats slowly. The resting heart rate is slightly higher in children than in adults:

  • In a newborn it is on average about 130 beats / minute,
  • with a ten year old at approx. 90 beats / minute,
  • in an adult at about 60 to 80 beats / minute.

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