Health insurance companies at a glance – how their country governs this

Health insurance companies at a glance - how their country governs this

Health insurance overview – how your country governs

The fact is that dental tourism is booming. Considering that smaller assets are required for dental treatment in Germany, it is obvious that this was recognized as a gap in the market abroad. Advertising and counter advertising create confusion. The questions that arise are almost endless, and the testimonials that can be read in many places are often completely different.

The fact is that you have to thoroughly inquire, because the comparison is worthwhile. Statutory health insurance, it is namely to resort to treatments in other EU countries. Many German health insurance companies have contract clinics, including in Hungary. In fact, the key point in qualitative treatments is never the country, but always the clinic and the dentist. Let yourself be competently advised at your trust clinic, even if you do not live close to the border, where the benefits of cheaper and at the same time qualitative services are far from being a vision of the future. Your health insurance company is obliged to provide advice, but here you will also find useful information on how your country regulates this in principle.

Health insurance – Information about health insurance for patients from Germany

German patients may be reimbursed for a significant portion of the treatment costs after obtaining the consent of their insurance carrier, which may reduce costs by up to 70%. After the treatment and cost plan has been approved, the amount of the fixed subsidy will be communicated to us in writing by the insurance company, and treatment can begin.

We can start with the dental treatment even before the consent of the insurance carrier. Our dental clinic sends your documents to the health insurance, and if no reviewers are turned on, we get within a few hours go-ahead. In special cases, it is necessary to submit an independent medical report.

The insured persons have to pay only the own share on the spot, because the health insurance deducts the fixed subsidy amount before the settlement.

Health insurance – Information about health insurance for patients from South Tyrol

Would you like to have your teeth treated professionally and particularly favorably to Western European standards? Then the Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic in Hévíz is a first-class choice for you, because here you will be treated by highly qualified dentists using state-of-the-art materials and technologies and at the same time achieving a cost saving of up to 75% compared to South Tyrol.

Our dental clinic has been active in all areas of dentistry for more than 40 years and has been carrying out preliminary examinations in South Tyrol for 12 years. The patients do not even have to worry about the necessary follow-up examinations and the annual control, because our partner team in South Tyrol takes care of all interventions and treatment measures that may prove necessary after the main treatment. Thanks to these ideal circumstances, which favor the performance of all dental treatments, we were able to welcome more than 3,000 highly satisfied patients from South Tyrol to our dental clinic by 2015.

Health insurance – Information about health insurance for patients from Austria

Whether you need dentures, dental implants or dental treatments, the Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic is always an excellent choice because patients here are treated by highly skilled dental professionals using the latest technology and materials in a calm-dignified atmosphere, and because prices are well below that Austrian tariff level. Generally you get a cost saving of 50-70%.

If an Austrian patient wishes to have his teeth treated in the EU country Hungary, he is entitled to the rates of the Austrian standard care. As a result, he can receive the subsidies of his Austrian health insurance for the dental treatments performed in Hungary.

Health insurance – Information about health insurance for patients from Switzerland

Our dental clinic is a first-class choice for patients from Switzerland who want to have their teeth treated professionally according to Western European standards. The enormous price advantage of up to 70% compared to the prices in Switzerland, the state-of-the-art technology, the very high level of education as well as the excellent language skills of our employees are the guarantee that it is a direct hit, for a shorter dental trip or a longer one To decide dental holiday in Hévíz.

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