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Soon the little monsters and ghosts will rattle with their chains again – Halloween is on 31 October! Buaahh. So that the monster party doesn’t mutate into a pure sugar bomb party for the little scary spirits, I’m showing three creepy healthy snacks and decoration ideas for the Halloween party today. Your kids will love the creepy do it yourselfs!

These recipes and DIY ideas work of course not only for the Halloween children’s party, but also for adults. So braid your vampire’s teeth and jump at the cool scary recipes with yelling.

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(photo left) It doesn’t always have to be big massive pumpkins for Halloween decoration. Even small peppers can look spooky on the buffet. The peppers are much easier to process than large pumpkins and can be used as a salad bowl, for example. For the DIY-Grusel-Paprika, cut off the top of the pod and remove the inside. Cut out the eyes and mouth of the scary pepper with a small sharp knife. Fill with salad and place on the Halloween buffet.

Eat your fruit scary monster! These healthy DIY Spirits (above) are made of halved bananas. You can paint your eyes and mouth with chocolate sauce and chocolate lentils yourself. Dab on a drop of chocolate sauce for each eye. So that the chocolate lentil mouths hold on to the banana spirit, add a dash of chocolate sauce to the banana and press on the chocolate lentil. If you like, you can also rub the peeled banana halves with lemon juice beforehand, then they won’t turn brown.

For the small ornamental pumpkins simply peel a few healthy mandarins and cut small pumpkin stems from cucumber peels rightly. Then simply insert the stems into the top of the tangerines. The do it yourself pumpkins are ready for the healthy Halloween party.

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