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Because of “Who wants to be beautiful has to suffer”

This popular German proverb is heard a lot when it comes to things that make you look better in some form associated with physical pain and suffering.

This may be true in many cases, but definitely not in the context of shoes. Especially women who want to draw attention to themselves with extravagant shoes will hear this sentence if they complain about the aching feet after a short time because of the uncomfortable shoes.
But even men who are in particularly tight-fitting business shoes or suit shoes can identify with it. The saying suggests that you have to live with the pain if you want to wear “chic” shoes like this. The other way around, it would mean that comfortable shoes cannot look chic. That’s not true!

Because healthy shoes are also available in chic – and beautiful shoes can also be comfortable!

Nowadays you have to comfortable shoes no longer look old-fashioned. We would like to convey this to you here on our portal about healthy shoes. Because there are numerous comfort shoes, comfort shoes, health shoes, or whatever you want to call them, which is also a very modern and chic design to have.

Specifically, we provide you with shoes in several Categories before, all a particularly positive aspect for your Health and well-being can have. For each category, we have also tested and rated the best brands for you. You can find the brands with one click in our menu at the top right. We also run one blog, where you regularly receive new information and interesting insights into the world of shoes – especially of healthy shoes – gets.

comfortable Shoes

Comfort shoes are normal Casual footwear, which are characterized by their particularly high level of comfort. Comfortable shoes, those that make you healthy don’t have to be expensive either. We’ll show you where to find the best prices. In our large comfort shoe test, we took a close look at the best-known and best manufacturers of comfortable shoes and carried out an evaluation for you.

barefoot Shoes

Barefoot shoes imitate walking barefoot even though you are wearing shoes. With her thin soles provide a completely new and free feeling when walking and running every day. It is also good for your health, because it can promote the bale duct preferred by many experts. Some experts even recommend using barefoot shoes as running shoes to ensure a natural running style (source: mirror). Find our here Comparison of the best barefoot shoes.

Roller Shoes

Roll-off shoes have a rounded sole and thus facilitate the rolling movement of the foot. That contributes to one healthier moving picture and supports the muscles. Everything important about Roller Shoes we have summarized here for you.

“Nothing beats rolling shoes MBT"… That was once! Meanwhile, the Swiss manufacturer Joya worked out a position that was at least as good – but the Confederates can also pay well. In terms of price, they are usually somewhat higher than comparable MBT products – quality has its price.

walking boots

If you like hiking, you will know how important the right footwear is. If it doesn’t suit you 100%, the most beautiful tour becomes a nightmare. You can see the wonderful nature simply no longer enjoy when every step becomes torture after a short time.

But we have a solution for this: in our large one Test of hiking shoes we have found out for you which brands and which models are exactly right for you. Of course, we also included the price factor, since there are of course good hiking shoes for € 300, but many people ask themselves whether there are also good hiking shoes for € 150 … To anticipate that: Yes, there are! So have fun studying our tests!

running Shoes

Every runner knows how important the right footwear is for this extremely health-promoting sport so that it can become a hobby that is really fun. If it is not right suits you, problems such as blisters, back pain or even knee pain can quickly occur. So the actually positive effects of running and jogging are quickly reversed.

But we have a solution for this: in our large one Comparison of running shoes we tested for you which manufacturers and which models you can’t go wrong with. We have used various factors for the evaluation, in addition to the price, things like comfort, cushioning, design (also not unimportant!), Etc. … Let our results surprise you! You are definitely not counting on the test winner!

children’s shoes

Children’s shoes are a very special category. Because you always want the best of the best for your offspring. No parent could forgive themselves if their offspring would have to deal with misaligned feet, knee pain or even back problems later in life, which could be due to improper footwear in childhood.

In order to give our readers a compass by hand, which manufacturers are trustworthy in the jungle of children’s shoes – because there are also some black sheep frolicking there – we have dealt intensively with the topic and a large one children’s shoes Test released. There you will learn everything from A to Z on the subject "What are the right shoes for children?" – Because also and especially our youngest deserve healthy shoes!


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