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Children often need small snacks between the main meals, depending on their age and energy requirements. Sweets are not suitable, but there are enough alternatives. In addition to fruit, nuts, dried fruit & Co there are also great, simple children’s recipes for the small hunger in between. These are also ideal for children’s birthday parties or a picnic in the park.

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A recipe from kindergarten! My big one recently brought a biscuit recipe home with me – she already tried the biscuits in kindergarten and found them good &# 128521; I buy cookies very, very rarely for the children. Every now and then I bake some – or we bake […]

Brownie cake – for my dear guests!

I love this recipe! If we have guests, I generally prefer to serve myself baked goods than bought cakes and pastries with coffee. Firstly, it just tastes better (mostly ;-)), secondly I determine the quality of the ingredients and thirdly the length of the list of ingredients. And best of all – the whole house […]

Semolina cake with raspberry puree

Semolina porridge with a difference … I like to cook a hot breakfast for my children, the classic porridge is particularly popular with my big daughter. Following a recipe idea from a dear friend, I cooked a semolina porridge and served it not as a porridge, but as a small cake. In the freezer compartment […]

Chocolate stars – baked together …

Baking with a child &# 128578; I used to bake cookies with my big one, it was the first time for the twins. Since it is constantly cold and often foggy and dark outside, I used one of these gray days to bake a few pre-Christmas cookies. The children […]

Millet and vegetable muffins

Muffins don’t always have to be sweet Spicy muffins are great for a children’s birthday party, as a snack – when the hunger is high – or for on the go, for example for a picnic. There are countless recipes for savory muffins – this is just one of them and can also be customized according to personal preferences […]

Snack bread with avocado and cucumber

Fast & delicious Yes, sometimes it’s just a snack. In summer this snack is very popular with the twins, whereby I serve the avocado and the cucumber separately. For me there is a good portion of cress, but the twins don’t like it (yet). My big one eats […]

Quick apple muffins

For children’s birthday parties or Sunday afternoons &# 128521; I love this recipe! Why? Because it is uncomplicated and the muffins are quickly prepared. They are also vegan – they do not need eggs and dairy products. I rarely have ingredients like natural yogurt or buttermilk, which are used in many recipes […]

Bake healthy – oatmeal banana biscuits

Fast & uncomplicated – also suitable for big sweet tooth! I think this recipe is awesome, maybe you’ve stumbled across it on the Internet. Firstly, the cookies are super easy to make and they do not contain any sugar whatsoever. They are suitable as a small snack for in between or on the go. Moreover […]

Cooking quickly and easily, then enjoying it in a relaxed manner – always a challenge for me with three children. And I know that many parents feel the same way I do.

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