Healthy snacks for school-age children, others: women’s magazine january 2020

Healthy snacks for school-age children, others: women's magazine january 2020

Healthy snacks for school children Other: Women’s magazine January 2020

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Giving your kids snacks is not as easy as it used to be. Before examining trans fats and sodium levels, cookies and chips appeared like a fine afternoon or afternoon snack. With high levels of obesity and diabetes in children, finding healthy snacks for your children that taste good is a challenge. With a little effort and creativity, you can put together nutritious snacks that your kids will love, helping them use the energy they need to get through school.

Healthy muffins

Shop-bought muffins may dress up as healthy, but they’re mostly packed with refined sugar, fat, and sodium. Prepare a healthy alternative at home with wholemeal flour and muesli or oatmeal. Skip the refined sugar and sweeten with maple syrup. Better still, pack muffins with pieces of fruit to give them flavor. Peach, pear or apple are delicious flavors for muffins. Make carrot and cinnamon versions or wrap any kind of berry in bite-sized muffins.

Popcorn and snacks

Like so many snacks, popcorn gets a bad name because the varieties bought in the store are often high in sodium and fats. Homemade popcorn is pretty healthy if you leave out the butter and heavy salt spice. Instead, season popcorn with parmesan, a salad dressing mix, or with spices such as garlic powder, chili powder, or cumin. Even simple popcorn is a pleasure when your children have got used to it. Other healthy snack alternatives include whole grain crackers, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and grains. You can mix your own trace with nuts, seeds and dried fruits or raisins.

Having fun with vegetables

Vegetables are a classic healthy snack, but children sometimes shy away from them. Spruce them up by serving them in pieces with hummus or salad dressing as a dip. Make "Ants on a tree trunk", by spreading peanut butter or another nut butter on a celery stick and sprinkling with raisins. Use leftover vegetables to make a quick snack pack. Roll them in a whole wheat tortilla with low-fat cream cheese and serve them whole or sliced ​​for pinwheel snacks.


Instead of buying pre-packaged flavored yogurt, make your own by adding berries to plain yogurt. Make a delicious yogurt smoothie as an afternoon snack. Simply put yoghurt in a food processor with low-fat milk or soy substitute and all the fruits that you and your children choose. Mix and serve. Use low-fat cottage cheese as an alternative snack to yogurt. Serve with cinnamon or maple syrup.

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