Healthy snacks for school and kindergarten * mission mom

Healthy snacks for school and kindergarten

You are looking for a healthy snack for your child?

&# 128161; Here you will find great ideas for a healthy snack, whether for kindergarten or school.

Don’t you know that too? You are slowly running out of ideas.

  1. It should be healthy
  2. Variety would be great
  3. ..and it should look good too

I have collected a lot of great ideas online. On the subject of healthy snacks for children ! &# 128521;

It always takes some persuasion or a few tricks to make healthy food tasty for children. The eye eats with children, even more so than with adults.

We parents need ideas that are simple and quick. Right? So take a look at my post, you will find vespers ideas that are simpler or a little more complex!

Here are my ideas for the lunch box

Source: Family Focus Blog

A healthy skewer with ham, cheese, tomato and cucumber .

Source: Must Have Mum

I think this idea is very funny because our children are sure to be enthusiastic

Source: Catch my Party

These are Baby Bell beetles ….

Or how about cucumber flowers

The bananas are also great, they are guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face.

I also thought the mouse was great

Source: Zeald Web Design

The star kebabs also look really great.

This variation looks very creative.

I find that absolutely amazing !! The label is made with food colored pencils.

Source: Mrs. Happy Homemaker

A very healthy pizza

So, I hope you could get some inspiration.

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Hello Asty :-)) ne ne mine get a normal snack but in order to encourage my little one to eat I have done it from time to time. He eats very little. OR at children’s birthdays I’ve already made caterpillars that besides all the sweetness there is also something healthy on the table. Lg Mission Mom

It all looks great, but I never, never, never did it for my children. They got a (ok after all peeled) carrot, a quartered apple, sometimes strawberries or apricots (depending on the season) in the kindergarten or school. Add bread with cheese or salami and the arbor is ready. I’m not going to pose for another 30 minutes. into the kitchen and carve around a boiled egg. In the meantime, only the youngest take something from home. The other two start without Z’nüni.
Honestly! Are you doing this work? 5 times a week?
Kind regards

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