Healthy snacks for schoolchildren – tips and recipes for lunch

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Healthy snacks for schoolchildren – tips and recipes for lunch

Healthy snacks for schoolchildren – tips and recipes for lunch – Hi .. De-haus, I started this little blog on a snowy winter day in Munich in December 2016, without imagining all the big things it would bring me. Now I want to wood deign image about healthy snacks for schoolchildren – tips and recipes for snack bread, I have connected with many like-minded design enthusiasts around the world who made me laugh, think and grow my design self. I have so many wonderful friends – virtual and personal – about this wonderful community of us! I hope that I brought some fun, interesting and / or inspirational to each of you as well!.

In order to perform well, energy is required and, as is known, the body gains it through balanced nutrition. This is particularly important for children, so that growth and development are optimally supplied with nutrients. Breakfast at home is not enough and healthy snacks help schoolchildren to stay fit and active.

A meal plan can be of great benefit if the break bread in the can remains untouched. We offer child-friendly quick and healthy recipes as well as important tips for balanced food below.

Healthy snacks and regular meals for school children

What the meals contain is particularly important, but when they happen is also critical to the child’s health. Why is it part of the daily routine to plan meals, which parents could also use as a guide. A time gap of 2-3 hours between meals is recommended for good digestion and it should be completely food-free – so do not take any snacks, sugary drinks or milk. During the day, the child should get one warm, two cold main dishes and two other snacks as best as possible.

Healthy snacks and a balanced diet according to the menu

Similar to adults, children go through phases, like this and not like that, then they unexpectedly feel like it again. The exact amount of food a child needs each week can vary, but there are basically guidelines that guide and support parents in the healthy and fair nutrition of their children.

  • about 2-3 slices of bread a day
  • 2 potatoes a day
  • about 2 cups of milk a day or instead – replace the appropriate amount of yogurt or buttermilk, optionally with 30gr sliced ​​cheese or other cheese
  • plenty of fruits and vegetables – at least 200gr a day
  • Meat and sausage – around 40 grams a day
  • about 1-2 eggs a week
  • Fish – about 50-60 grams a week
  • Fat – oil, butter or margarine on average – 3-4 tsp daily

Children’s hands can serve as a wonderful means of determining the right need, for example for meat or fish. Ready meals should be avoided as they contain too many unhealthy additives. In the household with children, one should always stock up. Potatoes, pasta, rice, milk, flour, eggs, bread, onions and oil, as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables can be stored and used to prepare fresh food in half an hour.

Healthy nutrition for schoolchildren – the sufficient amount of drinking

Since children usually do not feel thirst so often and very strongly, their parents should make sure that they drink enough. Suitable liquids are fresh water or unsweetened fruit tea. Sugary drinks should be avoided and if possible the children should not get used to them at all. Juice is best mixed with water. At the age of 6, children should drink around 800 ml of liquids a day.

Prepare healthy snacks in a visually appealing way

It is important that the small snacks can be enjoyed by the children in between is not just the right amount, but also how they are offered. It would be fair to cut fruit and vegetables into slices and slices and thus make them easily accessible. Even schoolchildren eat with their eyes and creativity is required when preparing the lunch box. Skewers, wave knives and cookie cutters in imaginative shapes are used as popular aids. Color design and variety should not be neglected in the break bread. Bread, pasta and rice are plentiful on the market in all possible variations. Surprise your child so that he eagerly eats everything.

Healthy snacks and little surprises

Small surprises that all children like, such as gummy bears or pieces of chocolate may also be included. However, these should be hidden quite well so that the child does not start their snack with it. A little riddle will surely make the break bread exciting and is a great creative idea that can be realized once a week and is not so time-consuming.

Healthy snacks with whole grain bread

Undoubtedly the healthiest bread among all of these is whole grain. Not all children like it, which is why it can be garnished with small nut pieces and thinly sliced ​​vegetables that can withstand juicy and appetizing. Lubricate with low-fat curd cheese or yoghurt, as these are not only fewer calories but also easier to digest and contain valuable proteins, vitamins and calcium.

Healthy snacks – don’t neglect vitamins

Even if fruit and vegetables are not your child’s favorite food, it depends on what is on offer. Cut carrots, cucumbers and peppers into small pencils, and cocktail tomatoes are well received. Above all, choose these according to the season, since they contain the least pollutants. Make sure everything is washed carefully and it is best to leave it in the water for a few minutes.

Healthy snacks for school children

Apart from how many meals are planned in between – one or two, the ingredients in the breakfast box should also be portioned and in this way no food is wasted. Alternate between fruits and vegetables daily and don’t offer them mixed in one meal. The tastes should be coordinated, since children do not like unusual combinations such as sweet and salty.

Healthy snacks for schoolchildren with fruits and vegetables

Pony food is better said than raw vegetables. Cut in small cubes about 2 x 2cm in size or use a cutter with an interesting shape. Carrots, peppers and cucumbers can be combined well. Garnish with which sesame sticks or crostini sticks. You can do the same with fruit. It is recommended to always test the fruit or vegetable combination beforehand. If something tastes strange, leave it out because children are very sensitive and suddenly it can happen that they don’t like this or that anymore. And you don’t want to contribute to it yourself, do you?

Healthy snacks for schoolchildren in black and white

  • 1 slice of light and dark folk bread (e.g. light and dark Dinke bread)
  • 1tbsp maple syrup
  • 3tbsp cream cheese
  • 3tbsp hooked nuts of your choice
  • 3-4 slices of fresh cucumber
  • 1-2 leaves of lettuce

Mix the cream cheese with the finely chopped nuts and the maple syrup and smear on the bread, garnish with cucumber and lettuce and then open. Halve diagonally with the knife so that two triangles are formed.

Healthy snacks made easy – a healthy surprise

Take a small apple and hollow it out. Fill up the cut-out ‘tunnel’ with dried fruit (e.g. raisins, apricots, berries) and wrap up fresh-keeping film.

Healthy snacks – homemade crunchy nuts

  • 100g cashew nuts (other varieties optional)
  • 100g macadamia nuts
  • 1tbsp pear syrup
  • 1tbsp herb salt
  • 1tbsp protein

Mix pear syrup and egg white in a bowl. Roast the nuts briefly in a preheated oven on a baking sheet lined with baking paper – 5 minutes are completely sufficient. Then add to the protein mixture, redistribute on the baking paper and sprinkle with herbal salt. The crispy nuts are ready after roasting for 6-8 minutes. Divide into portions and store open, in no plastic bag, otherwise they will quickly become soft. You offer the child in sandwich bags or in a shop bag.

Family meal

A meal should take place in the family and it usually happens in the evening. Mobile phones, televisions and other devices are taboo when dining together; full attention is paid to eating together. If the meal was warm at noon, it doesn’t have to be in the evening.

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