Healthy snacks for the break

Healthy snacks for the break

Our children’s brains need a lot of energy for everyday school life. It comes best from healthy snacks from your own lunch box! But how do you fill them? We have collected some snack ideas for you.

The lunch box should be filled with healthy items. With what exactly, we reveal © pinkyone \

Everyday school life keeps our little and big brains busy – that’s enough nutritious breakfast barely out in the morning alone! Provide the necessary vitamin, nutrient and mineral kick healthy snacks for breakfast or lunch break. We have collected various snacks for you that provide your child with everything necessary to rock the school day healthy and fit.

The break bread as an all-round talent for healthy snacks

The classic lunch box content: the break bread. What should this healthy snack consist of? In the best of cases Wholemeal flour. This has the highest proportion of all types of bread Vitamins, minerals and fiber. But oat and rye bread are also a good and healthy alternative and provide variety in the lunch box.

There are almost no limits to your imagination when it comes to topping and here too Variety is a good thing, so that your child and his stomach don’t get bored. As spread low-fat cream cheese and curd are suitable, as both are good sources of calcium and protein. If your child is a meat lover, then the sausage should contain as little fat as possible and the pure meat should still be easily recognizable. Fresh vegetables such as lettuce leaves or cucumber slices round off the healthy snack for the break. As the icing on the cake, a few fresh herbs such as parsley or chives on top and voilà, the vitamin bomb is ready to eat!

Vegetables, fruits and nuts as a colorful side dish

Fruit, vegetables and nuts bring variety to the lunch box © Aleksei Potov \

In addition to the break bread, other healthy snacks can also join the lunch box: Fruits, vegetables and nuts! There is a lot of vitamins and nutrients in raw food. Small and proven tip: children eat a lot more vegetables and fruit if this is in beforehand cut bite-size pieces has been. We parents certainly know this phenomenon too well!

You have a free choice of fruits and vegetables: Bite-sized varieties such as cocktail tomatoes, mandarins, raspberries, grapes and radishes have the advantage that they can be eaten whole without any problems. Something "consuming" there are already healthy snacks like carrots, apples and pears should be cut into small pieces. So that the apple and pear pieces keep their appetizing color, simply pour a little lemon or orange juice over them.

Fruit and vegetable muffle tip: If you can’t convince your offspring, despite all the beautiful preparation, of eating vegetables and Co., homemade smoothies are an alternative. Or you can mix the fruit in a yoghurt or quark dish.

There are also a variety of varieties for nuts: chestnuts are rich in magnesium and vitamin B, hazelnuts offer healthy fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E. Cashew nuts have a lot of protein, potassium and iron, which is why the pistachio is also richly endowed.

Liquid food for the brain

Healthy drinks are at least as important as healthy food © milatas \

Healthy snacks don’t always have to be chewed! The aforementioned smoothies contain the healthy fruits and vegetables in liquid form. A small glass of milk provides important calcium and protein. Fruit juice can be a healthy snack if it is direct juice. Unsweetened fruit or herbal teas are also suitable as a drink for the break. The cheapest and healthiest option is and remains the water. German tap water can drunk completely safe become. And if the taste is too monotonous for the offspring, you can simply add small ingredients such as strawberries, mint or cucumber to the water!

Healthy snacks from the bag

The "Hero snacks" have made it their mission to save the snack world. They only do this by producing the crispy and healthy snacks Organic ingredients and natural spices be used. For this, a big elbow is made around too much salt and industrial sugar. In terms of taste, the snacks serve a wide range, for example "potato & tomato" or "paprika", but also "chocolate" and "vanilla" are available for those with a sweet tooth. Fans of muesli and fruit bars will also get their money’s worth. There is, for example, the muesli snack "Apple & coconut" or the fruit bar "banana & almond".

Surprise your child with a variety of healthy snacks

No matter what exactly you put your darling in the lunch box, only two things are really important: it should be healthy and if possible not monotonous! Your child will be happy to find something new in the lunch box every now and then. For example, you can vary the type of bread or even put a wrap in it – there is also a whole grain variant! With fruit, vegetables and nuts you naturally have a large selection of variations and can let your imagination run wild! Yourself "simple" Glass of water can be varied with the right ingredients.

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