Healthy teeth: dental prophylaxis teeth prophylaxis treatment

Healthy teeth: dental prophylaxis teeth prophylaxis treatment.

Prophylaxis for the teeth – what can you do to prevent tooth decay and the like??

First and most important measure: thorough and regular cleaning! You should reach for the toothbrush at least twice a day for two to three minutes.

With toothbrush and toothpaste containing fluoride, free the tooth surfaces on the front and back and the occlusal surfaces of the molars of bacteria and residues. (Healthy teeth: dental prophylaxis teeth prophylaxis treatment)

Dental floss is suitable for cleaning the interdental spaces ..

Mouthwashes can provide meaningful support for daily dental care if they are enriched with the right bactericidal and mineralizing ingredients.

You should pay particular attention to the occlusal surfaces of the molars. Here there are cusps and furrows (so-called fissures) in which food remnants and caries-promoting bacteria are hidden. (Healthy teeth: dental prophylaxis teeth prophylaxis treatment)

Therefore, when cleaning, make sure to clean the purchase area thoroughly. To do this, move your toothbrush in a circle – this improves the chances of clearing all furrows of residues.

At the dentist, you can seal and seal very deep fissures to prevent tooth damage from accumulated residues.

Bacterial deposits are also deposited in the so-called gingival pockets.

Therefore, when brushing your teeth, also remember to take these transitions between the tooth and gums into account with the brush (healthy teeth: dental prophylaxis teeth prophylaxis treatment)

Take regular check-ups: This way your dentist can identify any damage that has started and treat it in good time.

Adults should see the dentist at least once a year, .

. Children and adolescents should go to prophylaxis twice a year.

Professional tooth cleaning can also be useful for prophylaxis – with special equipment, the dentist’s staff can not only remove superficial deposits, but also clean interdental spaces and gum pockets. (Healthy teeth: dental prophylaxis teeth prophylaxis treatment)

Ideal from a dental point of view: raw fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, etc. Vigorous chewing cleans the tooth surfaces and stimulates saliva production. This provides the tooth enamel with minerals.

In contrast, foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates (sugar) attack the teeth and especially the enamel.

Sticky and sour fruit such as bananas, citrus fruits and the like also damage tooth enamel and promote the development of tooth decay. Therefore, enjoy these foods in moderation!

Bread, pasta and cereal products should not be left out despite the high carbohydrate content. (Healthy teeth: dental prophylaxis-teeth prophylaxis treatment) However, you should prefer whole grain products – these activate salivation during chewing, which has a positive effect on the tooth enamel.

With the right prophylaxis, chances are good to keep your teeth old!

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