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Hearing aid test 2020

An overview of recommended hearing aids

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model Claratone RPSA10 Newgen Medicals HV-633 PSA Audiben Audiben M.Skets CIC Mini VHP-220 Newgen Medicals Mini
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design Behind-the-ear device Behind-the-ear device Behind-the-ear device Behind-the-ear device In-ear device Behind-the-ear device In-ear device
Max. Gain 30 dB 33 dB 40 dB 53 dB 30 dB 36 dB 30 dB
Amplified frequencies k. A. 200 – 5,000 Hz 500 – 1,600 Hz approx. 300 – 4,000 Hz 200 – 4,000 Hz 500 – 3,200 Hz 300 – 4,000 Hz
service Switch knobs Keys Switch Keys Keys knobs
Essays incl.
Volume adjustable
noise reduction
Weight 5 g 4 g 118 g 9 g 159 g 5 g 3 g
Advantages and disadvantages
  • light weight
  • Noise suppression for different environments
  • Set of 2
  • practical folding case
  • designed by audiologists
  • Low battery warning
  • 3 different programs
  • 10 volume levels
  • suitable for use when making calls
  • small device
  • for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • easy operation
  • including transport box
  • with cleaning brush
  • inconspicuous
  • long battery life (up to 30 h)
  • German instructions
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to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer
  • light weight
  • Noise suppression for different environments
  • Set of 2
  • practical folding case
  • designed by audiologists
  • Low battery warning
  • 3 different programs
  • 10 volume levels
  • suitable for use when making calls
  • small device
  • for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • easy operation
  • including transport box
  • with cleaning brush
  • inconspicuous
  • long battery life (up to 30 h)
  • German instructions

Similar comparisons

The best hearing aids 2020

Everything you need to know about our hearing aid comparison

In the case of hearing loss or hearing loss, a hearing aid can partially or completely restore hearing and thus restore hearing Extremely simplify everyday life for the hearing impaired. Before buying hearing aids, you should take a look at the current hearing aid test from Stiftung Warentest: The hearing aid comparison winner is always a good choice. If you have different priorities when choosing your new hearing aid than the testers, you can get comprehensive advice and free service, such as a hearing test, from a hearing care professional. If you want to buy hearing aids cheaply, you will find a lot online greater selection of inexpensive devices. But how do hearing aids work? How expensive are hearing aids? And how do you clean hearing aids? You can find answers to these questions and what you should pay attention to when buying hearing aids in our guide.

Types of hearing aids

When choosing your new hearing aid, you can easily compare the prices of branded products such as Kind hearing aids, Siemens hearing aids or Geers hearing aids online. However, it is important to find out in advance, what properties Your new hearing aid must have so that it fits you and your everyday life perfectly. For example, should the hearing aid have an open or closed supply? Most modern devices have a closed supply, so that no noise gets into the ear unfiltered. Would you prefer to invest in a medical hearing aid or is enough for you an inexpensive hearing amplifier? By choosing the right hearing aid category you are definitely one step closer to your new hearing aid.

Hearing aid type description
Behind-the-ear hearing aids With this hearing aid, part of the device remains visibly behind the ear and the sound is guided into the ear canal using a sound tube. A large selection of models, brands and price ranges is available.
In-the-ear hearing aids This hearing aid is completely hidden in the ear and is not recognizable at first glance. It offers the best wearing comfort as it can be individually adjusted using otoplastic.
Hörverstärker A hearing amplifier is an easy-to-use hearing aid with a small device and headphones. A hearing amplifier is a particularly simple and inexpensive solution.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of hearing aids

Each hearing aid type has its own individual advantages and disadvantages, depending on the model and brand different degrees are. Basically, there are every hearing aid type from numerous brand manufacturers and in different price ranges. So there is a suitable solution for all areas of application, from mild to severe hearing loss. So that you can make a good decision quickly, see again all advantages and weaknesses at a glance.

Hearing Aid Type benefits disadvantage
Behind-the-ear hearing aids
  • Space for powerful batteries
  • many models and brands
  • very good sound quality possible
  • visible from the outside
  • only available from acousticians
In-the-ear hearing aids
  • almost invisible
  • very good sound quality
  • high wearing comfort
  • lower battery capacity
  • high price with individual adjustment
  • no adjustment necessary
  • affordable entry
  • easy to use
  • no filtering of noise
  • no individual adjustment

The most important purchase criteria for hearing aids

Which hearing aid is the best choice for you depends above all according to your individual requirements. Is it important for you whether the device is worn visibly or invisibly? Are you looking for a simple hearing aid at home or do you expect the best sound quality and excellent comfort? The market for different hearing aids is large: Top providers such as Jahnecke hearing aids or Seifert hearing aids a large selection of convincing models.

What are behind-the-ear hearing aids??

If you want a variant that has been tried and tested for decades, in which the Batteries not changed as often behind the ear hearing aids are exactly the right choice. These all-rounders are available with many advantages from many well-known brands and in a wide variety of price ranges. So is for every requirement and every budget something suitable.

What are in-the-ear hearing aids?

Do you want discretion, the best sound and a high level of comfort? Then there is an in-the-ear hearing aid that you can get from an audiologist using otoplastic can be customized can make exactly the right decision. Although these hearing aids are generally more expensive than the other variants, they simply offer the better technology. A high sound quality and best wearing comfort are guaranteed here. The only disadvantage, in addition to the higher price, are smaller and less powerful batteries, that need to be changed a little more often. A little tip: hearing aid accessories are also available online. Here you can usually get batteries for hearing aids at a lower price than in specialist shops.

What are hearing aids?

You don’t care about your hearing loss and just need a simple device for home, for example to watch TV or listen to the radio? Then a hearing amplifier is a good choice. The amplifier is simply put in the pocket and the included headphones placed in the ear canals – nothing stands in the way of your TV evening. This inexpensive alternative is intended for sporadic use in a quiet environment, since no background noises are filtered out. The sound quality is therefore not as good as with the other two hearing aid types. Nevertheless, the hearing amplifier is on affordable entry-level home.

The most popular hearing aid manufacturers and brands

Hearing aids are made by many different brands, among them are many best hearing aids from relevant comparisons. So that you don’t lose track, we have the main manufacturers summarized for you:

  • Newgen Medicals
  • Newear
  • Tinxi
  • Beurer
  • child
  • Audiben
  • Pulox
  • Care Shine
  • emall supply
  • Audio Line
  • Audio sound
  • camelion
  • Ecomax
  • Neuroth
  • Gildan
  • horex
  • MasterLife
  • Panasonic
  • Siemens

The hearing aid should always be tailored to your ear so that it fits really well.

Buying advice for hearing aids

If the lowest possible price is not the first priority for you, you should first and foremost choose good sound quality and ensure a high level of comfort. The quality of the sound amplification determines how well you can hear with the device and is therefore the most important criterion. And since you will be wearing your new hearing aid for many hours a day, you should, if possible make no compromises when it comes to comfort. Kind hearing aids, Widex hearing aids, Phonak hearing aids, Siemens hearing aids or Fielmann hearing aids are just a few products from a large selection with a very good price-performance ratio.

  • Sound quality: Good hearing aids filter noise out cleanly and are optimized for the frequency range of human speech. The Amplification of acoustic signals can be regulated easily and continuously.
  • Comfort: The comfort when wearing the hearing aid primarily depends on the weight, the sizes of the ear hooks and the shape. Devices that are can be customized, usually offer a significantly higher level of comfort.
  • Processing: Long durability and ease of use often depend on the quality of the materials used and perfect processing. Components such as volume input | Exit, should too still work flawlessly after many years. Branded products, e.g. B. Widex hearing aids, Phonak hearing aids or devices from Neuroth often have the edge here.
  • Hearing aid batteries: A hearing aid or a hearing amplifier is powered by batteries. If you ask yourself "How long do batteries last for hearing aids?" It always depends on the quality of the batteries. The higher quality the batteries used, the less often they have to be changed.
  • Hearing Aid Prices: How expensive are hearing aids? Hearing aids, depending on the model, version and brand, cost approx. between 50 and 300 euros. Depending on the available budget, the price can limit the selection.

How to clean hearing aids? Hygiene is very important when wearing a hearing aid! For cleaning hearing aids, you should always use the cleaning agents offered in specialist shops or online. Practical hearing aid dryers are available for drying.


A hearing aid comparison shows you what really matters when choosing a hearing aid. To determine your current hearing ability, you can contact a hearing care professional on site or carry out a hearing test online. These practical online tests can also give you information about whether your hearing is impaired. If you still have questions such as – How do hearing aids work? – or if you want to test the sound of individual models, a hearing care professional can also help you. The fact is: there are hearing aids for every need and budget; accordingly, they also differ in sound quality and comfort.

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