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Heated socks comparison 2020

The 12 best heated socks at a glance.

Heating shoes are a real blessing in winter. However, this often limits freedom of movement. So if you were looking for a test for socks with heating, you will like our comparison to heated socks.

Find out here which socks keep you warm the longest. With heated socks with a battery, for example Expect warm feet for up to 16 hours. With heating levels you can Regulate heat individually. Benefit from our comparison and now choose the best heated socks.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

up to 30 ° C
up to 30 ° C
Hand wash recommended

Hand wash recommended
Hand wash recommended
Hand wash recommended
Hand wash recommended
up to 30 ° C

Hand wash recommended

Size 39-41
Size 35-38
size 42
Size 39-41
38-41, 42-46
Size 38-41
size 42
Size 38-42
Size 39-42
Size 36-42

Heated socks comparison
Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model Lenz Set Heat Socks 5.0 Toe Cap Slim Fit Therm-ic Power Sock heated socks Alpenheat AJ18 heated socks Zanier heated socks EEIEER heated socks Sonew heated socks BOYKO heated socks Nuonove heated socks Warmawear heating socks with DuoWärme upstartech electric socks infactory warming socks Happy Globe warming socks for the microwave
on Amazon
4 reviews 12 reviews 1 reviews 60 reviews 1 reviews 25 reviews 125 reviews 1 reviews 39 reviews 14 reviews 11 reviews
heat duration
at the smallest level
about 14 h about 14 h about 16 h about 14 h 7.5 – 17 h 5.5 – 12 h 5.5 – 12 h 5 – 12 h 2 – 5 h 2 – 5 h k. A. k. A.
heat levels 3 heating levels 3 heating levels 3 heating levels 3 heating levels 3 heating levels 3 heating levels 1 heating level 3 heating levels 3 heating levels 1 heating level no heating levels
comfort particularly comfortable particularly comfortable particularly comfortable very comfortable very comfortable comfortable comfortable very comfortable very comfortable comfortable very comfortable very comfortable
Machine washable no washing instructions no washing instructions
Batteries / rechargeable batteries incl. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No
power supply Lithium-ion battery
1,200 mAh
Lithium-ion battery
2,400 mAh
Lithium-ion battery
2,400 mAh
Lithium-ion battery
1,200 mAh
Lithium-ion battery
4,000 mAh
Lithium-ion battery
2,200 mAh
3 x AA batteries per sock self-heating 3 x AA batteries per sock 3 x AA batteries per sock 3 x AA batteries per sock Gelpads
Padded heating socks Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes
shoe size
  • Heating levels can be controlled via smartphone (via Bluetooth)
  • pleasantly soft
  • very powerful third stage
  • Heating wire barely noticeable
  • particularly soft thanks to 96% cotton
  • charged and ready to use in just 4 hours
  • particularly warm toe area
  • very good heat duration
  • pleasantly soft
  • available for almost all sizes
  • available for almost all sizes
  • reinforced toe area
  • also available in blue
  • particularly soft thanks to cotton
  • extra padded
  • practical battery compartment directly on the waistband
  • self-heating
  • Massage nubs on the underside
  • with storage compartment for heat pad
  • including remote control for the keychain
  • pleasantly soft
  • strong for arthritic feet and cold joints
  • particularly light battery compartment on the collar
  • especially cozy
  • usable without power supply
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Lenz Set Heat Socks 5.0 Toe Cap Slim Fit Questions and answers about Therm-ic Power Sock heated socks Questions and answers about Alpenheat AJ18 heating socks Questions and answers about Zanier heated socks Questions and answers about EEIEER heated socks Questions and answers about Sonew heated socks Questions and answers about BOYKO heated socks Questions and answers about Nuonove heated socks Questions and answers about warmawear heating socks with DuoWärme Questions and answers about upstartech electric socks Questions and answers about infactory warming socks Questions and answers about Happy Globe warming socks for the microwave
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  • Heated socks have a heat duration of approximately 2 to 16 hours. The higher you set the heating level or temperature, the faster the heat duration will decrease.
  • Battery-operated heating socks always have a shorter heat duration. We therefore recommend heated socks with a battery. In this way, you can rely on warm feet for a particularly long time.
  • Heated socks are covered with heating wires. Some manufacturers such as Lenz produce heated socks for the washing machine. At up to 30 ° C you can easily remove odors and light stains. However, many no-name products can only be washed by hand.

Nobody likes cold feet: That The brain classifies cold limbs such as hands and feet as a malfunction. It releases stress hormones that harm us prevent falling asleep and disturb the concentration.

When thick socks are no longer enough, heated socks can keep your feet warm.

Choose Lenz heated socks, Alpenheat heated socks or cheap heated socks from our comparison table. In our guide 2019/2020 learn what heatable socks have to do in the test, so you can easily find the best heated socks.

No desire for wet and cold feet? Then take a look at the following comparisons or tests:

Cool socks? In any case, there are no longer cold feet with heated socks.

1. Heated socks ideal for cold feet

In autumn and winter Many people prefer to have socks with heating. Very few people know that there are already heated ski socks. Instead of knitting socks or crocheting socks, you can easily buy heated socks.

What can heated socks do?? Here you can see what makes this type of foot warmer.

  • easier to use than heating soles
  • high wearing comfort
  • for indoor and outdoor
  • longer heat duration than heat pads
  • often machine washable
  • Heat can often be regulated by yourself
  • pleasant warmth and soft fabric in combination

Heated socks or soles? A potential heatable sock comparison winner can cost a three-digit sum. Heated soles or heating soles are a little cheaper.

While the two foot warmer types hardly differ in the heat output and the heat range, heatable socks perform significantly better in one area. The heat generated and the body heat are well insulated by the sock material and only evaporate slowly, even when temperatures are below zero.

Heating soles produce heat, but cannot hold it themselves. Here you are dependent on well insulated shoes so that the heat generated stays in the boot room as long as possible.

2. Buy heated socks: our buying advice

Manufacturer and brand only play a minor role. If heated socks are in the test, they must meet the following criteria:

  • long heat duration
  • several heating levels
  • good comfort
  • washable

In this section you will learn more about the purchase criteria.

2.1. Feet up to 16 hours warm: heated socks for frostbite

Whether lounging in bed, on a walk or on a winter vacation: Warm feet increase comfort and let us relax. If the heat subsides in the middle of the winter walk, that’s annoying.

To keep your feet warm for as long as possible, we recommend heated socks with a battery.

Warm feet for up to 16 hours promise manufacturers of battery-operated heating socks. The average heating time is 14 hours. Please note that high heat levels use more energy and demand more from the battery.

2.2. Set the temperature comfortably: Pay attention to heat levels

Heat levels or also Heating levels allow you to set the desired temperature.

This has the advantage that you can use the heated socks when walking in winter at the highest level and not cool down in autumn with a lower level.

Our tip: Switch off the heating socks in warm shops or restaurants. This saves energy and protects the battery or batteries.

Heat levels: Depending on the manufacturer, heat levels are specified differently. But we give you for orientation Guideline values ​​by which you can estimate how warm socks can be.

  • Heat level 1: The lowest level is hardly felt by frostbite as warming. The wires in the socks heat up up to 40 ° C. The heat duration is particularly long at this level.
  • Heat level 2: The level is most pleasant for buyers. The heating wire will up to 45 ° C warm.
  • Heat level 3: This level is often associated with a warning. The wires heat up up to 50 ° C and can be perceived as extremely unpleasant when used continuously. The heat duration decreases particularly quickly at level 3.

2.3. Comfort: balance function and comfort

Heated socks comparison: Whether sneaker socks or falcon socks for skiing: Examine your feet regularly for pressure points. This can be an indication of no shoes or wrong socks.

Pretty feet

The Stiftung Warentest advises in a short message on the topic of "beautiful feet", after a hiking tour to examine the feet carefully. Pressure points can be recognized in good time and pain in a foot bath with mountain pine can be reduced.

Heated socks are crossed with wires. If heated socks are being tested, this is the first thing you notice. So that you do not feel these heating wires, manufacturers pay attention to sufficient padding between the wire and the sole of the foot.

In addition, the Wires in heated socks are often on the side or above the sole of the foot. This heats the toes and balls of the feet well without wiring the tread.

Flat seams are an absolute must with heating socks. To ensure that there are no pressure points, flat seams are often the standard in processing.

The stuff that good socks are made of: even heated socks differ in material. Especially high quality socks with a high percentage of cotton or even merino wool. The heat generated is regulated particularly well here and ensures warm feet for longer – without sweaty feet.

Best heated socks: warming with rechargeable battery and, above all, washable.

3. Heated socks in the test: with a battery, feet stay warm the longest

How do heated socks work??

Heater socks are lined with wires that give off heat. Depending on the energy storage, gradations of the heat output are possible. Most of the time, the energy storage is a lithium-ion battery. There are also heated socks with batteries.

To make your purchase decision easier, we have the Types of energy supply of heated socks compared.

Lithium-ion battery batteries
  • very good energy storage
  • is attached to the sock band
  • do not have to be bought again
  • is rechargeable

for indoor and outdoor
ideal for long trips up to 16 hours
light weight increases comfort
Variants with heat level regulation
hardly any variants under € 100 available

  • mediocre energy storage
  • is attached to the sock band
  • have to be bought later
  • non-rechargeable

for indoor and outdoor
Variants under 100 € available
Heat output not suitable for long trips
heavy battery weight reduces comfort
hardly any variants with heat level regulation

Conclusion: Buying heated socks cheap is only worthwhile in the beginning. This type of heating socks is often battery-operated and has a short heating time. Heated socks with a battery keep cold feet warm longer.

There are no funny socks, socks with pimples (anti-slip socks), socks with toes or socks with motifs (e.g. soccer socks) in the heating socks category. It is not yet clear when this kind of funny socks will be available.

4. Wash heated socks: care tips

Can you wash heated socks? Fortunately, yes.

Many heating socks can only be washed by hand. If you don’t like hand washing and prefer the washing machine, you have to dig deeper into your wallet and buy socks that can be heated by Therm-ic or by Lenz.

This manufacturer allows washing in the washing machine. At 30 ° C and in the care program heating socks can then be washed easily.

Important: Remove before washing the battery and batteries. Some manufacturers also recommend turning the heating socks upside down and washing them inside out. Also avoid the spin cycle.

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