Heinshof – horse riding holidays at the horse farm near hamburg

Heinshof - horse riding holidays at the horse farm near Hamburg

Welcome to the Heinshof!
– Riding holidays at the gateway to the world!

What is special about the Heinshof

We offer you the finest holiday apartments in the middle of the nature of the Lüneburg Heath and just outside Hamburg. Ideal for holidays with horses, the family and for relaxed riding.

Riding holidays, riding lessons, farm shop and much more. – We offer overnight stays from € 89 / night for 2 people. We have spacious and well-kept guest boxes ready for your horse.

5-star vacation for family and horse

In front of the gateway to the world, 30 minutes from Hamburg, there is the most beautiful area for horse riding, hiking and vacationing: the Lüneburg Heath.

Enjoy your vacation on the horse farm, right at the entrance to nature. Heinshof is a unique equestrian hotel. This is where your vacation at the horse farm begins.

A first look

We welcome you!

We hope you feel as comfortable with us as many of our guests before you.

If you have any questions, please call us at any time.

Our apartments

what we offer you

Beautiful holiday apartments, wonderful nature and riding lessons

Riding and vacation

Take riding lessons from Linda Naeve

More than just riding lessons.

Personal care, constant control, commonality

Customers appreciate our personal approach to riding lessons, the closeness to the trainers and the constant control of further development for optimal results of each training hour.

In addition to the horses, leisure time is not left behind. Commonality is very important to us and has already led to one or two celebrations with us on the farm.

Learn from the professional.

Dressage, safe off-road, jumping

In individual coaching, group training and off-road riding – depending on your needs, you will learn show jumping, dressage and safe horse riding off-road at the Heinshof.

Contact us in advance and we will discuss the best possible coaching and the scope of training together. Flexible for you as a guest. Call us now.

More than just standard.

Reward properly, tournament preparation, self-confidence.

If you want to ride successfully, you need more than just guiding a horse properly. Professional riding also includes rewarding the horse properly, learning methods of team building, preparing properly for tournaments and strengthening self-confidence.

Learn these skills from our professional riding instructors. As a guest with us, no prior agreement on riding training or horse rides is required. You arrive and we prepare for you so that you can exceed your desired destination with us.

Call us or send us an email – we will always help you.

What your predecessors say:

“The riding lessons with Linda Naeve are excellent. "

“The riding lessons with Linda Naeve are excellent. And to be able to sleep so well together with the child and horse – just a dream! "

"I would love to see my goods myself & Drive Patrick to book a few days in the Heinshof. It couldn’t be nicer at the gates of the city. ”

“I hadn’t known at all that there could be such a beautiful yard. I have never had such nice rides before, like in the Lüneburg Heath. ”

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