Hello benjamin, 10 suggestions for a pentecost with children

10 suggestions for a Pentecost with children

Pentecost is the church festival with which children can least start. However, there are many ways to teach children about the Holy Spirit, the fellowship of the Church, and God’s promise.

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Pentecost was a festival of departure for the young Christians. The joy of the growing seeds and the abundance of nature can best be experienced on a long family hike! Incidentally, Pentecost was a harvest festival!

The birthday of the church: Go to the family service or to the community festival with your children. You experience the experience of a community.

The good news of the first sermon everyone understood. The unity of Christians at Pentecost is a good opportunity to explain ecumenism. Exceptionally go to a Catholic or Orthodox church with the children.

No matter what language one spoke, everyone understood the message. There are many Christians around the world: go on a fantasy trip around the world. What do Indian children play? What do you learn at school in China? How does the Lord’s Prayer sound in Arabic? Make a simple African rhythm instrument with your children or cook something Mexican together.

Nature is full of miracles. The most beautiful bouquets can be tied in early summer. The meadows are in all their glory. Take a close look with your children: the miracle of a blossom!

fire and flame the disciples were at Pentecost: a campfire in a safe place is fun for everyone, maybe combined with a walk to collect wood, with sausage barbecues and songs by the fire.

The festival of the communityis best celebrated together. Invite other children and play group games.

The Holy Spirit as a dove: Make airy pigeons from white tissue paper to hang them in the tree or at the window. Bake pigeons from sweet yeast dough. And speak of the Holy Spirit! What do the children think? Talk to them!

Old Pentecostal customs, like tufts of birch trees can be happily reinterpreted. Decorated with pretty bows, the apartment looks festive. Or go outside: plant a tree!

Jesus kept his promise. He sent us his strength. Maybe the strength to keep promises yourself? Invent a new ritual and make a promise to everyone in the family.

This article is from the parents’ letter of the children’s magazine Benjamin | June 2017 edition

Published in parent letter on May 21, 2017

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