Hello, i urgently need a poem about a star, approx

I am a childcare worker intern, and I’m going to go to bed with the kids tomorrow. I need urgently a poem about a star that’s good for kids!! Sorry, very urgent!

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There is a star in the sky for everyone,

You just have to recognize him

And facing the sky

Call him by name.

Even if the heart is covered

The view is completely clouded.

You know the star is there for you

And that he loves you too.

Even when the sky is cloudy

And shows no stars.

He seems very loving to you

He is inclined to you.

And so nobody is all alone

During the day and also at night.

A star is there for you alone,

Always on guard with you.

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What I’ve ever spoken up to,

it flows back into me?

A star broke today

and it remains an earth piece.

What a sky circles there

twisted away in my night

and suddenly decided to travel

in a too earthly country –

oh, it shines in one direction,

that deeply upsets my heart.

And it has its own poetry

not to me, not to me!

Woe, like across borders

I tore nature into space!

What an illusory shine

oh, accompany this case!

What an uproar under the stars,

that tears up eternity!

All heights, all distances,

all hearts are orphaned.

And they moan at the hour,

where with frank haste

now from the transfigured round

a god-loved guest hurries.

mindful the great Yesterday,

we complain to lost sisters

And we see their paths

the last clear trace.

What a farewell! What a warning

to mortal nature!

What a crash into the wild,

who shows you the homecoming!

Once created an aerial structure

the spirit of his creativity.

It’s getting dark. Lost in the eye

is the glowing meteor.

To the crazy listen

I look up into the night.

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A beautiful star sparkles in the sky,

and I would really like him,

I would also see up close,

take him with you and go everywhere with him,

It’s just a shame that I like to see him late,

then when I go to sleep,

because i would like him to sit in my room,

oh how I would like this star?

This star sparkles in the sky,

I would really like him,

he sits there so silently and all alone,

that’s why I invent these rhymes,

I would put him next to me

talk to him all the time,

even if I know he will never come to me.

I do so anyway, let me dream,

I just love him,

this one wonderful star.

Somehow I just wrote it now.


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