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We help! they also?

We help children and adolescents in emergency situations quickly, directly and unbureaucratically..

Meanwhile, Aktion Hilfe für Kinder is one of Germany’s largest child relief organizations. The main focus of our work is on helping young people with mental or physical disabilities, and combating child poverty and child abuse.

How we help children:

Our assistance is reflected in various measures: Be it the free hire of minibuses for the disabled or the uncomplicated and swift financial support when urgently needed money and the regulatory hurdles are high and tedious.
This valuable work is only possible through the support of our members and donors. We are very grateful to all sponsors!

Support us, too, so that we can help children and adolescents in need quickly and effectively!

Help now with a donation!

Donations for children in need

Our donation account:

Foundation action help for children

IBAN: DE08 2512 0510 0009 4511 01
Bank for social economy

Our action buses

Our popular action buses are tirelessly in action and traveling throughout Germany. We give them free of charge to schools, sports clubs and other organizations that want to travel with children.

The buses are adapted for the disabled, so that children can also ride in a wheelchair and collect great experiences in the group.

We bring inclusion on the way!


Sternenzauber & Frühchenwunder

A commitment that touches us deeply, makes the club star magic & Frühchenwunder. “When the pregnancy test is positive, the best time in life begins – however, only about 67% of pregnancies actually end with the birth of a fully developed child. An estimated 30,000 children annually go to the stars in Germany because …

Strong together

The 101 member organizations of the National Coalition Germany published the civic report on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Germany on 22 October 2019. The report shows that even 30 years after the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, many children’s rights in Germany are still being violated. Child poverty, unequal educational opportunities and the experience of …

Wunderzeit – the puppet show visit

The everyday life in a children’s hospital is often accompanied by feelings of boredom, nervousness and anxiety for the little patients. Through the contact with dolls, a child has the opportunity to express his or her state of life in the game. The puppet picks up the child where it is, picks up on the game …

Social facilities are happy about furniture donation

The Bremen-based company Anheuser-Busch InBev made a scrapping of high-quality office furniture, which Aktion Aktion Hilfe für Kinder took as an opportunity to get in contact with child and youth welfare facilities in the Bremen area. Due to the immaculate condition of the furniture they should be left to the facilities for free and there a second home …

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