Help for disabled and sick children, child’s affair

There are children who stand out because they are different from most children. They cannot walk as well as their playmates because they have deformed feet. You are physically disabled. Or they cannot think as well as the neighboring children.

You are mentally disabled. Or they cannot hear or see well. You are hearing impaired or visually impaired.

These children want to run and jump, calculate and write, listen and see like the other children. They cannot because of their disability. These children rely on very special help. Medical assistance must be used to try to treat her disability.

In special schools for the disabled, they should have the opportunity to develop in their own way and also to learn what most children learn. Special aids such as hearing aids or wheelchairs are intended to alleviate the consequences of their disability. Above all, however, disabled children should live with children who are not disabled, if possible. They shouldn’t feel like outsiders, but should be able to grow up like most other children. In this way, they can be helped to later live independently and also to pursue a profession that corresponds to their abilities.

They often have very special skills that other children do not have. Children get sick sometimes. Then they have to go to the doctor or the hospital.

But there are not enough doctors in all countries. In the arms countries Many children in Asia and Africa have to die because there is no doctor where they live. And many parents also don’t have enough money to pay a doctor for their children. Therefore it is very important for the children that the Convention says:

each patient Child has the right to be treated by a doctor.

Governments must ensure that there are enough doctors in their countries for children and adults. But it is best for the children if they don’t get sick at all. Therefore, the children should be examined regularly by doctors, even if they are healthy. So you can recognize whether they have sufficient defenses against the diseases. In order for them to have enough defenses, they have to get enough to eat. And care must be taken to ensure that the food children eat, the water they drink, the air they breathe are free from pollution and toxins.

Our environment is so threatened that expensive investigations are necessary to check whether drinking water and our food are really healthy for people. And expensive equipment is needed to keep our drinking water clean.

However, there are not enough technical devices in developing countries to keep drinking water clean. The rich countries must help them so that the children there do not have to drink dirty water from muddy wells.

So that children and adults can live healthy, our environment must be clean again. Many children also get sick because their parents do not know which diet is good and healthy for them. There are children who get too fat because they eat too much. They often suffer from shortness of breath and heart disease. Other children run around with rotten teeth because they drink too much sweet juices.

That is why there must be counseling centers that explain to parents how best to take care of their children. Such advice centers are particularly important for mothers who are expecting a baby. Because infants get sick particularly easily. But mothers and fathers can do a lot to ensure that their baby is born healthy and stays healthy later.

A child’s disability can be so severe that it has to live in a home. A child can also suffer from a contagious disease so severe that it must be separated from its parents and placed in a hospital for an extended period of time. In such cases, parents cannot pay attention to whether their children are really treated well in the home or in the hospital.

The health authorities and the youth welfare offices must do that. They check whether a child has everything it needs in the hospital or in the home. Examinations at the doctor, the purchase of medicines, the stay in the hospital: all this costs a lot of money. So that the parents can always pay these costs, they should be insured with a health insurance company. The health insurance company pays the costs if the parents or their children get sick.


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