Help for women and children, stader frauenhaus

Protection and help for women and children


From Monday to Thursday you can reach an employee between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., who has the time to conduct a counseling interview with you. Either by phone or in person. Just as you need it. We can then find out together whether a stay in the Stader Frauenhaus is right for you or whether there are other aids that you can claim in your case.

Protection against acute violence

If you have to come to us unprepared, i.e. in an acute emergency situation, this often happens because you or a neighbor has called the police. So there has been violence (again) between you and your partner. There is always a member of staff on call so that we can accommodate you at any time in an emergency.

Protection against impending violence

You don’t have to wait that long for your partner to become violent. Now may be the right time to go.

You are afraid that something might happen, you know your partner well and have a premonition. You have been thinking about leaving your partner for a long time and may have already looked for apartments. Maybe you told your partner this morning that you wanted to split up and he was acting so weird. You think you can no longer do it alone …

In these cases, please arrange an appointment with us during our office hours, and we will then arrange a meeting point and we will pick you up there.

Advice and support during the women’s shelter

There are many things to be regulated during your stay in the women’s shelter, and you will not be left alone. The employees are there for you every day and support you in organizing your new life. Usually the other roommates are of help to you and be it to realize that you are not alone with this problem Domestic violence are. The main goal of our work is to support you in making full use of your resources, or sometimes, after years of humiliation, to find out together what your abilities are and like you can use them fully again.

Advice and support for children

Children also have the opportunity to receive support in the women’s shelter, regardless of the mother. A pedagogical assistant from the children’s area takes care of the children’s needs only. This also serves to relieve mothers who are not in this particular time of crisis always a have an open ear for their children.

Help and support after the women’s shelter

We remain your contact person even after your stay in the women’s shelter. Sometimes a small call helps in times of need, sometimes you need someone to talk to in person who you can trust. You can also take advantage of this after moving out. We always look forward to a visit from you and your children.


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