Help with education – the family counseling center as a starting point

Help with education - the family counseling center as a starting point

Help with education – the family counseling center as a starting point for parents

Today, there are a variety of counseling services available to help maintain or restore a positive family climate. Until a few years ago, until the 1970s and the early 1980s, it was not customary to seek help from family problems. Rather, there was a climate that turned possible problems inward and allowed no communication to the outside world about this intimate part of the lifeworld. This has largely changed today.

Luckily, in my opinion, an external opinion can often break up deadlocks and constellations between family members and contribute to a positive change in family life!

Different problems, different solution strategies

In this article I would like to deal with the family counseling center as a starting point for family problems. In family therapy, positive changes in relationships between family members are sought. It emphasizes that the quality of communication between stakeholders and the development of understanding and empathy for each other is a key factor in the functioning of the family system and the well-being of family members.

There are different schools in whose tradition different family counseling centers act. However, the assumption that the involvement of the family in therapy, whether it is a relationship-related or even a psychological problem, increases the chance of therapeutic success.

The goal of a family counseling center is to put family living back on a sound footing. The family constellation that avails itself of such a counseling offer can have very different forms, because the problems, because of which those concerned seek family counseling, are ultimately very different.

Where can a family counseling center help?

The problems in a family can occur between the parents, between the siblings or between parents and children. Other family members can become part of family counseling if they are relevant to solving the problems. After all, it is not uncommon for grandparents or other relatives to be educated.

The competence of a family counseling is not only in questions concerning family. Questions of integration or education fall within their area of ​​expertise.

A common topic in family counseling, for example, are problems at school. Such problems sometimes have more profound causes, such as the separation of parents, the birth of a sibling, or even the death of a family member. The illness of a family member and its impact on living together can also be a topic in family counseling.

This is how family counseling can help

Family counseling can help in different ways. First of all, it can simply be good to talk about the current problems in the family. Assistants who have experience in talk therapy work in professional family counseling.

In a further step, it can then be about giving the family members concrete offers in the area of ​​self-help. After all, the goal is to make living together in the family enjoyable for everyone. For example, family counseling can practice a range of behaviors or obtain information on other counseling and support services.

The parent online training as a jump start

Parent online training does not aim to replace going to the family counseling center. Rather, it should be an introduction to tackling potential issues, because I realize that using advisory services can cost some overcoming. Depending on the severity of the problems, the skills provided by parent online training can already provide a solution; in other cases, it may be a first important step. I offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the online parent training. No ifs and buts. Promised.

About the author Kay Rurainski

I love healthy communication in the parent-child relationship. Relationships make my life meaningful. Well-designed relationships improve my quality of life. Especially when I consciously create conflicts with people who are important to me. That’s why I teach the skills that support me passionately.

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