Help with the children, my B – B, photography, while you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean

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Please remember that, as with all offers on Workaway, it is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain the appropriate visa before you leave.


Minimum required length of stay: at least 1 month or more

Description of the

I’m a full-time pro photographer for 30+ years. I’m originally from Germany, coming to Canada for 33 years and immigrated about 16 years ago. I fell in love with this place 33 years ago. I love it here and after travelling for all those years capturing other cultures I’m happy to be here permanent now, offering my B&B as well as take people out for bear watching, whale watching and sharing my photographic experiences.

I’m a single dad, divorced for over 5 years and on good terms with my ex-wife. We have two boys together (6+8 (Down Syndrom)) which are normally coming home on weekends. Over the summer a little less as it gets too busy here.

I have a small B&B with only 2 suites and do small group photo tours (max. 4 guests), all small and very individual.

I’m also fairly active on Instagram to show my images about this beautiful region and the wildlife.

Types of work

GardeningChildcareHandicraftsCooking/ShoppingOther WorkHouse WorkHelp with Computer / Internet

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

This is a beautiful area to be, rich in First Nations culture, lots of wildlife and nature. it is a quiet place and it is NOT a place for party and social “animals”. If you ok with staying busy by yourself but also ok with having great guests around you then I think you would fit here very much.

So far I had mostly referrals from my international friends helping me during the summer month and with most of them I became close friends and we had an awesome time together. Now I’m trying workaway too. While I would prefer somebody mid age with some life experiences I’m also open to young people. Last year I had somebody here which was 27 and it worked out great.

Your benefit is a free stay, food and coming on very exclusive fun wildlife tours. All tips also go to you. For me it is important that everybody is happy being here. That everybody has a good while everything gets done what needs to get done at the same time

The remuneration offered by the host corresponds to the minimum wage.

This host offers accommodation and payment.


I’m a lot out on tours. I’m looking for someone to greet the guests, cleans the two suites I offer (about every 3 days) and prepares picknick style food for the tours. While it gets busy over the summer month, it is not really that much work.

If somebody likes to do online work I wouldn’t mind to get help with my social media, mainly IG and FB but this is totally optional).

You would be often alone at home but I also would take you with me my on tours as often as I can. I would prefer somebody long term (4-5 month). I need somebody reliable which doesn’t mind to talk to international guests. Somebody which is also happy being alone and not bored if not much is to do.

That said, you would come on tour when ever there is an opportunity. Last season my workaway was out on the water over 30 times.

Ich denke an 2 Helfer in der nächsten Saison, um die Arbeit ein wenig auszugleichen.

This is a workaway op for somebody who enjoy work by itself, does what needs to be done and who enjoys peace and silence over partying. The reward is a free stay, food and getting on very exclusive fun wildlife tours.

If you into photography, videoing, editing and social media too then that would be a perfect setup for a fun-filled stay and also a great help for myself.

Spoken languages


You would have your private room with a bathroom which includes a shower/bathtub. You would need to share the bathroom with me and my boys when they home.

What else?

If you like it quiet but still with stuff to do you will love it here. If you are a social party animal you won’t like it here. This here is a beautiful place overlooking the ocean. There is not much social life around Port McNeill but if you like to read and entertain yourself you will love it here.

I only have two suite, which means not more then 2 families staying at a time. While I can’t take you on every photo tour, there will be opportunities for you to join me here and there.

There is lots of First Nations history around us too.

I’m looking for someone reliable and when my kids home (only on weekends) it would be great if you can help me a bit with them too. My two boys are 6+8.

While we normally having a busy summer, it is always lots of fun hanging out with international guests. If you like gardening you will be in heaven here.

I’m a pro photographer, you can search me easily for photo tours on Northern Vancouver Island to get a better idea.

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