Helpful tricks and tips for photographing cars

For a successful car sale, quickly made car parts are sufficient snapshots often not out. therefore it makes sense to think about the motive, the suitable background and the suitable light.

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meaningful photos are an important part of any good car for sale ad. With our tips for photographing a car, the project will succeed.

For a successful car sale, quickly taken photos are sufficient snapshots often does not. Therefore, it makes sense to think about the motif, the suitable background and the appropriate light.

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1. The necessary equipment for photos for car sale

Tips for photographing a car

If you’re selling your car and taking pictures for it, you don’t need an expensive digital camera. While it makes for higher quality photos, a compact camera is completely sufficient. Also the cameras from smartphones or tablets are well usable today.

What is my car worth?

What is my car worth?

What is my car worth?

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Equally useful to implement car photography for a sale is the use of a tripod. Depending on the lighting conditions, longer exposure times may be necessary. If the camera is not held steady, the photo will be blurred. To avoid this, use a tripod during photography to capture all the details.

2. The camera settings and the right light

Other tips for photographing cars involve ISO value, aperture and exposure time, which are adjustable on the camera:

  • ISO value: it is used to control the film speed. The higher the value the more sensitive is the image sensor. For your photos, this means that you can compensate for poor lighting conditions with a higher ISO value, without the need to increase exposure time.
  • Aperture: the aperture setting affects the depth of field of your photo. A smaller aperture focuses the light rays more strongly. How to adjust which plane of the image is in focus.
  • exposure time: if you are forced to take your pictures in less than optimal lighting conditions, a longer exposure time is necessary. Simplified, it can be said that the camera gets more time to capture the motive.

Pay attention to the right lighting conditions when taking photos to sell a car. Bright sunshine may seem like a good opportunity at first. But in fact, it makes it difficult to illuminate the subject well.

Slightly cloudy weather is more suitable. You avoid strong reflections of the sunlight in the paint and inappropriate shadows. with a lot of sun you also run the risk of getting overexposed and therefore unusable photos.

3. Tips for photographing your car – the right location

Choose a suitable location for your car for sale photos. Here is enough space important, so that you can photograph your car from all sides. You will also avoid that other vehicles are visible on your picture.

A suitable environment also offers a plain background. parking lots of supermarkets or other companies are often a good choice – as long as you photograph your car on sundays.

Plan also sufficient time a! Try different settings and perspectives.

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